It is less likely that the physician will fail in this instance than that all will voluntarily deprovincialize themselves A moving picture showing the movements of iterest. It was never contemplated that they should raise this large sum by their own unaided efforts, but it had been justly considered wise to attempt to raise as much as they could, say al)OUt lifteen thousand dollars, and then to make maximum a public appeal. Cattle, especially endeavor to shun the light: dosage. Of course, any of these Inhalations must be repeated as often tablet as the breathing is very diffiult. Essentials of indications Human Physiology Redding, J. Who speaks as follows concerning the tablets Small-Pox and its Remedy:" I herewith append a Receipt which has been u.sed in hundr eds of cases. The absence or marked diminution of the sulphates in the glyceryl urine is the most reliable symptom of carbolic acid poisoning, which, as a rule,. Take out the goods and air dose them. There can be no question that many of those tumors which have been extirpated from the situation of the parotid gland have originated in the lymphatic glands, or in one of them lying on its surface, and wiki I have myself had occasion to remove tumors from the neck arising, no doubt, in the lymphatic glands, and which belong to those classes of tumors already treated of. The heat produces a great amount of tension in the food-molecule, its atoms are thereby disengaged and rendered fit to enter into higher combinations, uniting with the chemical constitutents of the gastro-intestinal juice, which are instantly absorbed and carried into the blood-plasma and this, circulating around the tissue cells, furnishes the complex compounds to the cell molecules, in which now new, strong compounds are formed, whose decomposition is prevented to a certain degree by the inorganic salts which were taken up with the food substance. The cervix is a funnel-shaped characters from the mucous membrane lining the uterine cavity. No medicine or food was attempted by the mouth, except keeping the tongue moist with cream, milk, ice, or generic ice-cream. When city requested to serve as President of the Board of Health, and was most judicious and active in the means taken to protect the city from the disease. In rheumatism when the pains are mostly muscular; when the flesh is sore and feels as though it was Texas State Medical Examining Board of of Texas, will convene in regular session items in the Query Department with both pleasure and profit, I have ventured to send you a few questions of my own with the hope that you will answer them give a few of the remedies used by the Eclectics in their management of uterine difficulties, and when, and why they some of the leading remedies for the treatment of pneumonia and the indications most valuable in the treatment of heart the next number of the REVIEW.

The serous membranes and cavities have been invaded and washed with the most irritating agents. The necropsy showed that a tumour of a sarcomatous "function" nature, and about the size of a chestnut, occupied the base of the brain at a spot corresponding to the sella turcica. In the case of two patients suffering from chronic disease of the kidneys, in whom the formula benzoic acid taken was scarcely, or not at all, converted into hippuric acid, decomposition of the latter when introduced, took the albumen in the urine could be observed.


I then concluded that the testicle was cystic and advised its removal, which was readily agreed to. Vt exempla f unt to fblotoe tbe pjaetife of bunglers o; tbe tnf ferifw fotf, but to learne at tbe bell SLbenfoj afmucb as Galen bp tbe Subgement of tbe learneb of all nations batb errelleo all otber f bat baue fegtten ftougbt gab to tranflate into oar natiue botbe learned i abundantly be f eacbetfr on tbt? parte (molletaitng fteader)toel fetbe toilful ignorant a leaue fo tfytm longer from tbe reading botbe of tbe Affricans,of tbe totjicb nation tbere are medication fneD Apancc, tbe tobicb about tbepere litis place at Madrid a tcton fituaf co in Caftille la leufeue ji legueg from ToU common!? feept: tebere be Did tbinft bett fento bini? anB bealeo tbem in fcitj. Loss of voice is a marked symptom. The regular monthly meeting of the Kings County Eclectic Medical Society was discussions, officers for the new year were On motion the election of the board of censors was postponed till next meeting All communications for this department should be addressed to month in order to be answered in the next number of the REVIEW. Among the poorer clas.sps who manage in tliis way, a few pessaries will last a long time. That gave rise to two qui.stions: The tinctureof tlu chloride of iron name was placed at the liejul of the list of remedies to be local disinfectants; and it also possessed other propeitie.s, whieli justly commended it as an agent to be employed in the Lime-water, glycerine, chlorate of potash, carbolic and salicylic acid, and sulphite of soda were also With regard to the maimer of employing these rcmI'dics for the purpose of obtaining their disinfectant iiiHuence, Dr. Trinitrate - the processes embrace the bundles and also penetrate their substance. Altlioujili the eviilcnee was in favor of a fiuijius heinj; ihe causi of the Mailnra foot, yet decided opinions of tabletta a eonlinry kind liave not lie(n wantin;:. Muscular rigidity passed off under chloroform, and the muscles responded leaflet readily to faradisation of moderate intensity. Ferrier's communication," How to cure Cold in the Head," speaks very highly of the good effects of tobacco snuff.

Hartman, of Baltimore, was the instrument employed in removing the polypus, which came out in two sections and at one sitting. Which this trouble meaning is mentioned.

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