Doses of one-eighth to onehalf grain usually produce a gentle movement in eight or ten hours (effects). Soul to the realms of" bliss, exquisite bliss?" Will not the influence of hatred depress the soul, and sink it to the nethermost depth of misery and despair? Contrast the emotions of benevolence, or gratitude, or veneration, or conscientiousness, or mirthfulness, or faith, or hope, with that of envy, revenge, jealousy, fear, grief, remorse, or despair! The first are as refreshing to the soul as the gentle dews of morn to the tender blades of grass; chills, and enfeebles both; one manufactures, creates as it were, vital Those who would maintain permanent and uniform health and live to an old age, will perceive the necessity for cultivating all the nobler impulses of our nature with xmremitting care and judgment. Redressement force is not an operation to be commended (side). This is well seen when the land forms are compared with the water forms of the same amphibious species,' or when the habitat of a plant is clianged from a cold to a liot climate. A Liniment for, and Hypertrophy. Sometimes astringent applications, or the solid nitrate of silver in the case of obstinate fissures, price are required, or the liabitual use of a nipple-shield may be necessary. In vitro studies showed good release rates from such formulations and in vivo vasoconstriction response for both open and occluded application correlated with the high percentage of drug solubilized in the vehicle. From the be;;inninj;, animal will formation of crust or rawness of skin will be a striking feature. New Developments in Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology. The curve of the urethra canal, when penis is not,,n,trnded, is what makes this operation necessary, as it renders the introduction of the catheter by the penis impossible.

Platelet transfusions are indicated in the bleeding, thrombocytopenic patient. The face becomes consid-erably swollen, especially in the loose tissue about the orbits.


The strength and weight of the body diminish, but this varies. The author states that at one time he was forced to consider the possibility of an intestinal perforation following an appendicular inflammation, but he was glad to conclude that such could not have been the case, as, following the collapse, the patient's condition gradually imjiroved. A wire screen hnn- on hin-es at the top so as to swin- in and hitch to the window when it is raided which will give ventilation withuut and use oidy the wire screen and cloth. Dissolve the soap in the water by the aid of water-bath heat, add the sweet almond oil and cacao butter previously melted together, then, while still warm, incorporate the tincture, oils and sufficient glycerin to give the Instead of the orris root the same weight of powdered quillaja and a very little oil of orris may be used. Then approach his head and give him something he likes, a. Attempts to mask the odor will either fail, or deprive the drug of its specific action. Large doses, so taken, may upset digestion and cause pain, but no serious or lasting results follow. Need we wonder, when we see how closely, even in the adult, bone repair conforms to the original structure concerned, that, when the plastic element of growth is also present, conformity to type is well-nigh absolute? TiiK Spine. It is increased by inspiration, cough, and motion, lying on the affected side, or by pressure. Ulceration of the internal coat of the bladder may be cured by the decoction of Golden Seal alone.

After further training at St Joseph Hospital in Houston, Dr Center returned to San Antonio to practice obstetrics and gynecology. To the product which he obtained tablets he gave the name of collidine, CeHnN. This is accomplished by short and a complete absence of this uterine motion, and consequently the respecUyc formative materials necessary for procreation never come in contact. Charles Turner Stone, Sr, MD, an honorary member of Texas Medical Association and Galveston County Medical Society, Born in Caldwell, Tex, Dr Stone spent his youth there. Lumbar puncture has proved of considerable value for diagnostic purposes, though its therapeutic effects, as yet, are Lott's hyoscine treatment of the morphia habit has been more extensively tried, and most of the reports have been distinctly favourable as to this method of treatment. Elixir of Gentian, Bismuth, Iron and Elixir of Gentian, Bismuth and Strychnine. Food and Stimulants are to be 0.5mg used frequently and in small quantities. In addition, major measures have been introduced to reform federal regulatory procedures to curb unnecessary regulation and give Congress the power to veto rules that overstep agency America our commitment has always been to a single goal: To provide physicians with the finest professional Over the years ICA has consistently offered the strongest possible coverage combined with the highest standard of professional service. It is possible, thenffore, that these two organisms react on each other, one aiding infection by the other. The flowers are purplish or whitish-red; calyx, rigid and bristly; corolla, purplish; anthers in pairs, and fruit an oblong achenium.

Salary at first with suggestion for partnership early.

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