P LEASE MENTION THE JOURNAL WHEN WRITING TO ADVERTISERS f. Only will be required which are of service in common ailments; specific remedies are rarely necessary. Cryptorchidism also might give rise to cunuchoidisifl, with loss, in some cases seemingly with preservation, of the fertilizing faculty.

However, the circumstances under which it occurs, the fact that it usually follows hydrothorax, the absence of symptoms of pericarditis and of any friction phenomena, and, as a rule, the comparatively small amount of the effusion, will usually enable a diagnosis to be arrived at readily. Your committee also became a party to establishing an Indiana Perinatal Care Project, which is financed by a grant from The committee referred to the Board of Trustees many recommendations for appointment of members of the association to vacancies on AMA Councils and Committees. In Britain, where the situation with regard to extravagant claims has been generally much worse than here, a long step forward has just been taken. It is with optimism, therefore, that this report describes the progress we are making toward our goal of two million dollars annually from the medical profession. We learned, after he had been in the hospital a day or two, that he had been eating rye bread; that for years he had eaten it whenever he could get it, and living in the west he could generally get it easily enough.

Often the person allergic to cold is allergic more to a drop in temperature than to a temperature of any particular degree. The failure to cent of the cases demonstrates how difficult this problem is.

We now operate freely on deformed bones and diseased joints; operations on the abdominal viscera are now undertaken, which but a few years ago were looked upon as altogether beyond the bounds of the practicable; and the therapeutic advances that have made these procedures so successful may be equally well applied to the surgery of the head.

The same was true of methylene blue: high. For the first time in htng years, if ever before, seven of tlie eight county societies were reported as having paid all dues to the Society and ustnilly paid in full each year, and for the last six years Hartford, the second in size, has done so also, but the others had dragging along each year arrears more or less. You take one of the simplest cases in which this class of remedies gives relief; a person has a severe pain in the bowels; apply a large mustard plaster over the surface; a burning sensation is produced, and the internal pain, in a large number of cases, is immediaiely relieved.

Described a case of this kind very graphically, it was not until Henoch published a series of cases that attention was prominently directed to of cases which he recognised as similar in nature to those described by Henoch; and Osier, who takes a more general view of purpura than I have done in the present article (including it under erythema exudativum), has particularly directed attention to the visceral complications.

He "inhaler" certainly must have had an exceedingly lax sigmoid. The period from the influx of the irritation to the commencement of the muscular contraction is termed the reaction time. Should it become necessary in the near future, as seems quite likely, to enlist new activity by the that are so certainly required, those recruited by that technic will inevitably begin their service with the minimum commission that is offered, namely that of first lieutenant. We have in this phenomenon also the explanation of the periods of incubation in some infectious diseases which average from ten to fourteen days. The cavity was washed junior out daily and drained. In one case of superficial ulcerating lupus of the nose, micrococci were found in the epidermis between tlie hypertrophied papilias of the skin. His honor said that this city had received, more than any other, the benefits of the Society.

The occurrence of tenesmus was in favor school of intussusception. (Jf the two women one must be looked upon as a doubtful case. There was nothing about this patient which would account for the inflammation and phagedaena. Peritonitis is one of these diseases.

Three or four days later, I was summoned to the house on account of hemorrhage recurring, but it ceased spontaneously before forte my arrival and an adjoining town, the following morning, and she showed the effect of the loss of blood, being very anemic and prostrated.

As many representative pathologists incline to the belief that typical mammary adenomata do not undergo carcinomatous degeneration, and many assume a conservative or non-committal position, this instance is of unusual interest and demands close study. It must then have traversed the space behind the pharynx, which, in order to allow of the free movements of swallowing, is very loosely connected with the bodies of the vertebrae.

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