It is of no use to take this remedy for a week, a fortnight, or a month; it must be persevered in for two, IIo'.v does the Ward's paste operate? I know a case in which a patient, labouring under stricture of the rectum, had indiscreetly taken an immense quantity of Ward's paste, and in which the colon was found quite full of it alter death. Having made tbe diagnosis prenatal of meningitis, it becomes important to differentiate the tuberculous from the non-tuirrcuhut of the cranial nerves at the base of the brain, chiefly those ootitrolliug the eye. Cases in which he had done the operation. This is proven not alone by "strong" a host of observations made miliarity of American physicians with a disease not at the time recognized on either sicM that the German medical profession was at first averse to recognizing Duehenne's limitation: this reproach cannot be laid at the door of American physicians, as I can distinctly recollect the demonstration of several well-marked cases exhibiting the charMj American textbooks and journals as early as in those of any other land.


Their centres of sympathy, therefore, are different.

The forward displacement he attributes to insufficient deepening of the cotyloid cavity, and occurred in his early cases. The advantage with which we now enter on this inquiry is obvious; for instead of seeking, by injuring the substance of the brain, to discover the effects on remote parts of the nervous system, we commence the inquiry with a knowledge of that system. There was much pain at the heart, whose action was exdied; pulse no. With this allowance, however, three or four repetitions of the operation would have been required to relieve him of the whole calculus. It was shut off" and did not interfere with recovery. Now in this case we have admitted the perfect stethoscopic attainments of the physicians to the Middlesex Hospital, so far as was necessary for the detection been doing- great violence to the merits from the fiict, that not long since, in a who considers himself, and I believe really is, one of the initiated in the arcana of stethoscopic exploration, told the class that the rale had disappeared, the liability to be deceived without the utmost caution; but to return:) either this whiz had or had not existence in failure in discovering the nature of the disease; a circumstance not at all in the Sir Cliarles himself, had he adopted the more probable case, this sound was not DIAGNOSIS BY AUSCULTATION IN SURGICAL CASES. The solution then is injected very slowly. Longer intervals; beef-tea and effervescing drinks having been sometimes retained for two or three hours. It was certain that severe optic neuritis might exist when sight was unaffected.

For local applications to bleeding may be employed, since the action is here a purely mechanical one.

Membranes fused; tumor convolution, botinded below by the Sylvian fissure and the seems to immediately enter into the completely separated from the "review" tumor. A further and more complete study of the habits of tsetse flies is much required. Nursing:: Its Principles and Practice: products.

As any of our medical brethren may be unexpectedly called upon to argue a weak-minded patient out of the follies of spiritualism, we may possibly be doing a good service to those who have little leisure for psychological study, if we briefly touch upon some of the points which forcibly tell against the present popular delusion, and which show how its most startling facts can be rationally explained. Special attention is given to ileus. Wylie informed nie, that he liad never seen a case amongu))wards of two millions of soldiers, wl)om he has in his long- and useful in very extensile practice both in Petersburgh and in the interior, has never met with a case. There is no oedema associated with it. In eclamptics the urine is less toxic than normal, while the bloodserum is more toxic.

The reference in the will, however, was not to a specific letter that could be accurately identified, and as it might have been any other who was a lawyer had prepared the will and should perhaps have known better. Clutterbuck, in consequence of its inducing a state of the system directly opposed to that whicli is the result of the poison of lead. Graduates from literary, scientific and high schools will be Students: Number of matriculates and of graduates at each session reported, Average percentage of graduates to matriculates during the past six years, from twenty two to twenty -four weeks since the last session.

Gowers refers to the fact that two morbid processes often occur, one consecutive upon the other, as a secondary degeneration or a hemorrhage, after the establishment of the morbid growth, with characteristic increase of symptoms: support. After appropriate treatment the man recovered three in the chest, the pericardium and the lungs being penetrated, and three in the abdomen, one of which caused a large portion of the omentum to protrude. Just as the lateral-column lesion inhibits the ataxia which is due to the posterior-column lesion, so the motor paresis memory produced by stretching the sciatic nerves neutralizes the manifest features of the ataxic gait.

These nerve-fibres can be distinguished from all others by their structure, being non-medu Hated, and by vitamins the fact that they have an indirect course, passing from the central nervous system to the sympathetic ganglia, and from these to the local ganglia in the vessels. When I first met with the bruit de soufilet in a case of pericarditis, I confess I was much surprised; for I saw no relation between the causes which usually produce that sound and inflammation of the pericardium. Ex post facto laws relate to crimes and criminal proceedings only, and the provisions of this statute, which require that persons desiring to practice medicine in this State shall first procure a license in the manner and conditions proscribed, do not partake of that character. When this had become a chronic infirmity, and patients had succumbed to intercurrent disease, the reviews opportunity must have occurred, but was not then The first cases affording autopsies in which the spinal cord was thoroughly investigated, belonged, however, precisely to this class of extremely chronic lesions, which should be regarded as showing rather the results of the morbid process than that process itself.

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