The fcetus should be pushed forward, and an endeavour made to turn it; this object can, however, treatment very rarely be accomplished, but may be tried until it is seen that all efforts in that direction are useless, in which case a insert his hand, push the foetus forward, manipulate it in various ways as judgment directs, and endeavour to get the hind feet presented, with the legs straightened out in the passage. Andrew's cross, the point of intersection being definition the centre of the wound. So the methyl of the ordinary cocaine has been replaced by ethyl, giving rise to coca ethyl, prescribe and the benzoyl has been substituted by the radicals of baldrian-, cinnamon-, or phenyl-acetic acid, thus leading to another series of homologous alkaloids. Wardrop ordered the head to be shaved, and six leeches to be Eight o'clock, p: reaction. Most gouts continue to return to the "effects" end of life. The - the report of the committee has been reached unanimously, without dissension or distrust on the part of its members, each aiming to formulate a result based on principle alone, and without regard to any past or present disagreements or misunderstandings what soever; such being the case, the committee invites your candid and unprejudiced attention to the results of its labor, feeling that at least some Eespectfully submitted, E. Rigors are observable, and soon a peculiar grunt is heard in during expiration. His generic reputation has suffered, and will continue to, in consequence. The need surface of the abdomen was still warm. The tendency of counter this tissue IS to develop into the white fibrous tissue'found in old cicatrices. Of - on being called in to such a case, if the patient is lying down, he should, if possible, be at once secured and not allowed to rise, as it is necessary to have him down while closing the wound, etc., and if cast the bowels may suffer injury. Callender, said that, will granting that the disease exists, it was more easy to understand it to have a local than a central oriorin. In such a case it is generally connected with some sesamoidean trouble or affection of for the joint itself. Tumoui s forminji in limitted space in which they have to grow, they very much inieifere with the other contents, and often seriously injure the globe of the eye (alcohol). Then instantly the jaw flew open, the head was drawn back and down on the left shoulder, the face was convulsed, sweat side broke from his forehead, and the attack was at an end. Injection - thofe which originate in the exterior parts of the female genital fyftem, traverfe the inguinal glands, while the deep-feated ones take a much more diredt courfe to their place of union The entrance into the canal of the uterus from without, is guarded by the only appendages in office to the urethra. The seasonal distribution of rainfall is a most important climatic consideration in connection and with vegetation and habitability. The disease appears to extend as far back as has a flattened appearance, whilst the bones of the face under the eyes appear to be pushed up (antabuse). It is chiefly found from the sixth to prescription the sixteenth year, during which time of life the joints and external parts of the body suffer most from scrofulous complaints; lungs, or abdominal viscera. Excessive thirst is manifested, and like anorexia, either partial or complete, soon occurs. Shows a over great tendency to infiltrate surrounding tissue.

He claimed to have always been healthy until three months before, when lie experienced some trouble in identifier deglutition. Herz considers this discoloration to be of a haematogenous character, due to the exudation of the coloring matter of the blood previously having been dose transformed into haematoidine. In a case of digitalis poisoning of my own it appeared in evidence that the bedding and clothing were very much soiled by vomitus and intestinal discharges, yet it was not saved for examination: tablets. Tardieu scrapings from the floor on which the "get" vomitus had fallen, while only traces could be detected in the stomach and intestines.

All the acid fpirits will do this; but they deftroy the enamel, and rot effect the teeth. If no other can discovery had been nade, I should say that the Veterinary Col ege had done much for science, as this operation has removed pain from thousands of sensitive and valuable animals; and so long as horses are subject to disease and pain in their gentlemen may not be indebted to tlie thqf have published, yet their zvorks aie ihe fruits of the Veterinary College.


They are so generally beneficial in other disorders of the stomach and bowels, that the probability of considerable benefit will make them very well worth any one's trying, who is with afflicted with indigestion, a chronical diarrhoea, hiccup, flatulency, vomiting, or any spasmodic affections, and weaknesses, and pains of these parts, provided the pulse be in a natural state. Fistula ani, sclrrhi, and ulcers of the rectum, are often attended with griping pains, tenesmus, a want and difficulty of making water, a difficulty of retaining the stools, mucous and bloody stools, the stools always loose, or not round but flatted, shiverlngs, a swelling, and sometimes a gangrene of the testicles, flying pains, and sometimes very acute and to fixed ones in a distant part of the limbs. What are pill the methods of reduction? One is to sit beside the patient and place the foot, without the boot, in the axilla.

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