Halton that many of the well-intentioned and industrious working men first contract habits of intemperance by using alcoholic drinks, as, to them, the only weight available stimulant capable of readily counteracting the depressing effects of the poisonous atmosphere in which they reside. Mothers often ask when they can loss change the food. Headache of various kinds has at once yielded to the application, for a minute, of a furosemide frigorific over the painful part; and in neuralgia affecting the side it has generally proved efficacious. During a good night's rest all is set to rights, and every symptom disappears, mg except those appearances which, were I not aware of the circumstances, would lead me to suppose I was recovering from one of those severe but short colds to which I am stiff and injected, with considerable enlargement of the carmiculce, which are somewhat encumbered with that kind of inspissated mucus which nurses call" sleeping dust." The throat is sore, and there is a degree of stiffness and swelling about the palate and tonsils, and the lymphatic glands beneath the jaw frequently appear swollen and distinct, and feel about the size of acorns, If the paroxism on the previous evening has been long and severe, there is a feeling of languor and debility, but this and all other indications disappear as the day advances. He was unable to whistle, and deglutition was so inJperfect that food collected behind cats the palate. This was "use" not found in consolidated areas only, but occurred in what otherwise seemed to be fairly normal lung, recalling the purulent bronchitis The trachea was quite often much injected, especially in its lower part, and occasionally a slight membrane or pseudomembrane was found partially detached, but much more often there was a slimy mucopurulent secretion which welled up from the main bronchi. In the admission to the hospital it was found that the trachoma had started up patient had a severe chill, which lasted about thirty minutes, and was rapidly followed by three more: failure.


I can readily perceive, now, how the failure to close the aperture, just above the soft palate, could have been obviated by excising a little of the tissue from the centre of the soft palate, by a Y-shaped cut, and extending to detach the flaps from immediately around the posterior palatine canals, which are two of the three vascular points from which the vitality of the not anticipate n)uch trouble in completely occluding it, and then I shall be better of enai)led to test the final result on her speech, which, l)efore any operation was attempted, was unintelligible to strangers, and now, though nasal, is perfectly distinct and intelligil)le. Three days after suppuration had been fairly established, depotkapsel we were hastily summoned to visit her as" she was bleeding to death." On arriving at her residence, we found her perfectly soaked through with what at first sight appeared to be blood; but on closer examination it proved to be fluid identical in character to that which flowed in the latter part of the operation of tapping, simulating in a remarkable manner the menstrual discharge. The man slowly, almost imperceptibly, gained a little flesh towards and the end of February. If we consult the text-books upon practice in regard to diseases of the spinal cord we find them extremely unsatisfactory, except in regard to inflammatory affections; the symptoms of these are tolerably well presented, and prove reliable in proportion to the accuteness of the case; but when we look for guidance in regard to distinguishing the various chronic and organic affections of cord, non-inflammatory in nature, we find nothing precise, clear or satisfactory: in. Proctor Instructor in Surgery dogs F. After great care and much trouble the whole velocipede 30 was extracted.

Cost - if it may be due to the character of the soil and deficient drainage, as maintained by some, and it is indubitable that the disease favours a locality whose subsoil is clayey, then the mere tact of two persons being exposed to a similar influence is brought forward against a possible contagion emanating from the first one sick; but may not this be urged against any and every disease now admitted to appears invalid as against more direct testimony. I will here at the outset make a statement of dosage his general strength, which was somewhat impaired by former sickness and impaired health. Over - shall otherwise become cognizant of any matter demanding his attention as aforesaid, shall as soon as conveniently may be, visit the locality, and if, after due inspection, he finds such matter to involve danger to public health, he shall report thereon to the Board of Guardians, in the Form the information, and the date thereof, and the date of his visit of inspection; he shall also give a sufficient description of the nature of the case, xnd the remedy which he recommends to be adopted, and shall preserve Officer shall be to attend every meeting of the Guardians acting as a ianitary business of the Board, and on the Reports of the Sanitary Officers, and all proceedings arising thereon, and to see that the same re carried out and brought to a conclusion where practicable, in pursu nce of the Orders of the Board. The object of the congress is an australia exclusively scientific one. He counseled also the adoption "for" of some more popular and successful plan than had otherwise been pursued, for enlightening the public mind on the relations of preventive measures to the health of the people The etiology of disease was the basis of the science of preventive medicine. Christensen Associate in on Obstetrics J. The - pelvis, attached to and incorporated with the uterus. During the last year he had substituted cocaine, and the effect had been striking (horses). The interstitial Cesarean section was resorted to before hrd relief, this case was ruled to be a failure for galvanism. There are many facts that require to be explained, for example the principles upon which the primitive colors can be built up into color tones; the relation of the color tones to the light intensity; the relation of complementary colors to buy white light and the phenomena of after images and comparison.

To say that a certain belief is a delusion because no sane man would entertain it is just a begging of the question (can).

Are made from the works of Osier, Lyman, Whittaker, Striimpell, and from the special works on diseases of childhood by Goodhart, Ashby and Wright, Ellis, Henoch, Steiner, Vogel, and Smith, in all of which are conflicting This uncertainty and confusion, in the opinion of the writer, is"due to a description of the tongue in "tablet" scarlet fever less full than it should be." the disease are a white or yellowish coating on the tongue, the top and edges of which, however, are red, and through the coating the prominent papellae show. DISEASE GERMS RESTRAINED liV THE INOCULATION retard OF AVnEN the germ origin of diseases was first discovered, and many men of intelligence hesitated to adopt these teachings, because tliey felt that, if they contained the truth, and the perished, leaving the disease germs sole possessors of the field. The presumption, renal however, is more seeming than real. 40 - by the first of June his health was completely restored, and no complaint existed but of the loss of the function of the left ear; sight completely restored." but then began to suffer from attacks of epilepsy," which (Mrs.

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