It is isomeric with white indigo. The secular I shall treat of under two heads: first, the antiquity of our profession; and, secondly, the work done by men of the past, and that being done by men of the present. Electrolysis, The Treatment of Uterine Tumors Elliott, G. Diseases of the nervous centres and the general nervous system have been very common, and there appears to be a growing tendency to the development of this class of disorders. In tine presence of blood a green or blue color arises in a few seconds to a minute. He now went two years before consulting matter with his eyes. They consist principally of carbonate of lime, and therefore possess the same medicinal OTALGIA (oJs, Ms, the ear; aXyof, term corrupted from aposteme. A Case of Rupture coupons of the Diaphragm. Injection - as soon as the head is reduced it should be fixed with sand-bags and the patient carefully watched whilst he is recovering from the ansesthesia. That of the sixth day had less albumen, but under the microscope showed several casts and some granular debris.

From laboratory experiments he attributed this to the disengagement of chlorine gas when the two solutions were mixed.

So far as the speaker had been able to learn, the method of using the drug consisted in dissolving fifteen grains in an equal quantity of water.

The most delicate touch of the left ovary would cause her to scream with pain. Billings, in returning thanks, said he had had his attention called once or twice to the supposed exaggerations sometimes used by Americans; and to some extent he could appreciate the observation. Salicyl.ite and benzoate of soda were said to have that action; but he had no definite facts to offer in regard to them, and it was very difficult to come to any conclusion in regard to their action. By grinding the oat, a farina is obtained, called oatmeal; and, by boiling an ounce of this, with three quarts of water, to a quart, OB. The types, however, which Bouchut brings forward as characteristic have already been rejected by competent critics (Senator). Clamps of T-shape, embracing one and a half to two inches of the incision, are very convenient: coupon. Fumigating or aromatic pastiles, made of benzoin, ad avjffiendum consists of benzoin, amber, PASTILLUS. The consul will give to every master of a vessel bound to a port in the United States a bill of health, on the form prescribed by the De. It is imported in bundles of spirally-folded roots, and is hence called samapanlla is brought over unfolded, with its roots tied in bundles in a parallel direction, and from Lima, now from Valparaiso; probably the root of the Smilax ojfficlnalU. An instrument mvented by Demours as a substitute for the leech, and consisting of a cupping-glass, a scarificator, and an exhausting syringe.


I have the honour to ask your acceptance of the following resolution:"That this meeting accepts the list of officers nominated by the Executive Committee for appointment by the Congress, and hereby appoints Sir James Paget, Bart., Vice-President of code gentlemen whose names appear on the printed list as vice-presidents of the Congress, presidents and vice-presidents of the various sections, and other officers; and further, that this meeting approves and adopts the rules and arrangements for the business of the Congress as set approval such a resolution as this, so comprehensive, it is manifest that the most unbounded trust is placed in your confidence and kindness, nor do I believe that the trust is misplaced. Gerhardt's Haudbuch der Gowers, W. The situation of "cobolin-m" the tumor was determined by the slow onset of the hemiplegia, by the very marked mental symptoms, and by the location of the tenderness upon the head. Don Ramon manufacturers y la Sola, of Seville. It was in persons of the tubercular or scrofulous diathesis or enfeebled constitution that special attention should be given to preventing the development of phthisis following pleurisy.

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