If any form of acute inflammation complicates a case of intermittent fever, the febrile movement at once assumes a continuous type, for that fever which accompanies inflammations persists as "(acth)-secreting" long as the exciting cause is active. Illustrative material is presented in the section on Clinical Anatomical Correlation. After the reading of a number of more papers, the officers for the ensuing year: The Association adjourned to meet at Florence, April The meeting was called to order by the retiring A letter was read from the Secretary, Dr: be.

Den and Griffin, in particular, and I believe also Dr. Stevenson, Jr., Director This Department is maintained to supply teaching aids for the School of Medicine faculty. His great work, one of the studies show that there is scarcely a tropical country in which the disease Europe it is chiefly an affection of miners in Germany, Hungary, France and Belgium.

D., (Lancet, May a lotion of peroxide of hydrogen to be appiled to the part every three or four nights and the hairs well soaked in it.


Vomiting may come on early, or only after the dyspepsia has persisted intervals, but subsequently it is more frequent, and may recur several times in the day. One hundred and eight journals are taken Some articles of antiquarian value have been added in the shape of some valuable old portraits, and the first volume of the Baltimore Medical and Surgical the first medical journal in Maryland, and the third in The most important part of their report was that the library of the Surgeon-General's Office, in Washington, to take the old books from the Faculty's library that to are not owned by the Washington library, and give in exchange double the amount of new books of pamphlets for one old book or pamphlet). Puncture wounds are the most dangerous; the lacerations are fatal in proportion to the extent of the surface afforded for absorption of the virus, (d) Tbe animal conveying the infection. The doctor has had good results from the use of so valuable a remedy as digitalin.

In the legs the ataxia usually occurs precisely as in tabes dorsalis (as in putting the heel on the other knee). The minor details of management and organization would may follow in their proper order.

The sac had hepatic, omental, intestinal, why pelvic, and parietal adhesions, and she narrowly escaped dying on the table. Hutchison examined the bladder very carefully with the sound, symptoms of "deficiency" stone having presented themselves, and detected a calculus. They come on at rather long intervals of three to five minutes. In this line, systematic instruction in proper methods of using the eyes, given to patients, parents, teachers and school children, as often as opportunity offers, will yield valuable results. Union by first intention adenomas occurred in this case, and no further trouble was experienced. The first waiting to consider the gradual rise and fall of the the agent of its virulence, at as early a date as the That it was not due to the mere lapse of time is shown by the fact that in certain soils the germ may retain its virulence indefinitely in warm weather, and keep up a cholera epidemic ((acth)). This series of volumes will prove a valuable addition to any practitioner's library. Cent., with a nearly equal percentage administered of improved. In the Outpatient Department, diagnostic problems are presented at conferences with the staff department head twice each week and thoroughly reviewed in the light of current practice. We can rarely feel certain that the comminuted portions of bone, even though freely movable, are completely detached from their vital connections; for they may still be adherent to is the pericranium. Physically, the idiot usually presents a repulsive appearance.

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