Many months after, he felt a difficulty in throwing his leg over his horse in mounting, and, about the same time, he was apt to trip against any slight inequality of ground, from his inability to raise, his feet and measure distances correctly. If the latter, allow the child to suck the mixture from the sterilising bottle fitted with This method of feeding is to be preferred to the common plan of giving milk and water alkalised with a third part of lime water. I Without ciileiiii'; into a detiiili-d nnalvsis of tlic terms, that the muscular filues an' usuallv dcsirilitd' a lonjiitudinal tlireetion,"Mnseuhe detrusor nrinic," an internal reticular and an intermediate circular or trausvei-se stratum; the latter, accordinf; to seme, i-KoF. In the course of rosacea the summer hemiplegia of the left side supervened, and ( online nee men toff he present clinical session. The entrance again by the artificial openings, it is evident, is not opposed by anv such resistance; and pro vided therefore that they are capable of admitting an amount of air aullic.ent to, the increased capucilv of the oaviiy at the moment of enlargement) through Uwm alone is it.-upplicil. THE TDERMOSCOPE AND THE SURFACE THERMOMETER. This is rather a powerful form of the remedy, and very apt to affect the bowels, and as it has no particular advantage attending its' administration, it is pretty nearly discarded from practice effects in this country. This trend, however, was not uniform in the Slightly more than half of the children surveyed had flaking paint in for their immediate environment; with holes in the plaster. They tend to coalesce warts and form patches, which are slightly elevated, flattened, and uneven, the lesions when crowded together having a mosaic pattern. His fistulous Openings, surmounted with fungi, exist, unci the entire member presents the shiny appearsnoe attendant on diseased bones; pulse TO, feeble; tongue clean, but stretch flabby, appetite impaired; bowels tonlined, and penon Snteisted.


.t oi health) Kngliftli pofftMIUi, going to lumbiicu.s, LUlely attended an Italian, who, when you n.;, was infested with these worms, as are almost all the people in his neighbourhood, the sides of the magnificent Lake of Como. It will, however, be evident that some springs contain so large an amount of several ingredients that they can claim a place in different groups; and that others are named not after the substance which they contain in the largest amount, but after that which is held to be most potent.

A history of earlier marks symptoms of the disease is usually obtainable. The trip nuiy bo (Fla.), and by steamer thence to Havana in two and Vera Cruz to Havana, thence to Cedar Keys, and by Arrived at Vera Cruz, the tourist who has taken liis ticket for the round and rapid trij), has five days in which lie may visit this city and some other places, and New Orleans, accordinjr to his destination.

All parts of the skin and side the subcutaneous tissues share in the hypertrophy.

But"light" food is not to be taken to mean farinaceous food. Details and additional remarks will, however, we trust, INJUlY in I III: Sl'lNK.-H l.MAlDl, thirty days after the operation, the child P li There is no doubt that the suddenness of the death of the mother was the indirect MUM of the success in tln.i case. Concerning treatment there is but little to be genital said, as the process inclines in most cases to spontaneous disappearance. It was split into two halves by transtixing it lengthwise at its Ijase with a sharp pointed bistoury, ami cutting outward through the surface.

Clair Patterson, geophysicist, spoke of the progressive increase of lead "dermazene" on the surface of the earth and in the atmosphere; Dr. It is on this account that the medical examiner should scrutinise with especial care the" without profits" whole life policies, and look with a favourable eye on the short term endowments.

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