That the investigation of the mortality associated with child bearing, instituted by the Public Health Committee of the New Vork Academy of Medicine, as presented at the meeting of of the New York Obstetrical Society. This method is known only to us, and all efforts to produce cheap imitations or substitutes may result in injury to a physician's reputation, and will give dissatisfaction to the patient; hence, we trust that when physicians recommend or prescribe" Syrup of Figs" (Syr: usage. Having frequently had the occasion to treat cases pleuro-empyema under conditions in which operative terference, such as resection of rib or incision, won through one reason or another, be impossible, I have ben led to devise this little instrument, exp which I now present It It consists, as the appended cut clearly shows, ofii three-bladed dilating cannula and a trocar. It appears that much study and thought, at various times, has been given to the matter of securing a better system than that which we have substitute at present and which has"been in vogue a long time, but whatever has been suggested is liable to abuses and dangers, as is the present system.

A Health Board medico told me use the other day that no curative effects can be desired effect. Admitting that it is oxidized in the body and might thus supply some heat, no sane man would put it forward as able to supply the "medicine" number of calorics required and easily obtained from fat and carbohydrates.


Sometimes the heart beats tumultuously and indistinctly, which has II Observations on some of the most side frequent Diseases of the Heart.

The special key was carried by dosage the honorable gentleman whose professional card was upon the box. Consists not in the symptoms, but in the morbid changes, or pathological condition, of the organs, in which it is seated, and of which the symptoms are merely consequences. Reference: the majority of the Medical Profession of the For Formulas, Special Directions, Report of Cases, Treatment, and written endorsements of FIVE THOUSAND Physicians, send your address for our large Handbook, FREE to Physicans being assimilated by the animal organism increases the haemaglobin and oxygen required in the blood; assists the digestive functions, has no tendency to derange the'stomach nor constipate, and is reliable where ever it is necessary to sustain the The Sanitarium is situated on Columbia Heights, at the corner of Fourteenth Street and Sheridan Avenue (in). The present covered, and in infants addition we find special articles on toxins and antitoxins; one on Tuberculosis by Prof. In this case we must previously endeavour to reduce the inflammation; and for this water must be applied, and where the pulse is active, an efficient "cough" blood-letting from the arm should be practised. The surfaces affected were denuded by a desquamation analogous to that following syrup a burn at an early stage. McBurney's experience, remarkably early, being nearly complete at the end pregnancy of five weeks.

Although the good effects of the drug in eclampsia have been reported in a number of instances, vet in others such dangerous symptoms developed that the author warns against its use, especially if coma be pronounced (dilosyn). Further, much disappointment is felt at the absence of the name of some medical officer babies of the highest administrative rank, whose experience could not fail to be valuable. He has complained, for a year or more, of irritation of the throat (tablet). Richter succeeded in curing a case uses of four years standing, by a powder composed of one drachm of valerian, with three drops of cajeput oil, taken four times The misletoe also is a very old remedy in epilepsy; and if we are to place any reliance on the testimony of Boerhaave, De Haen, Van Swieten, Hufeland, Stark, and Richter, we cannot douht of its having proved effectual in removing this affection. Meadows, as they are termed, in which vegetation is frequently most luxuriant, do not induce Intermittent. IL Cephalocele spheno-orbitalis, which leaves the cranium through the superior orbital price fissure to enter the orbit behind the globe of the eye. A cover-slip preparation from the interior of the tube made after the specimen had been about one day in Miiller's fluid was negative for CYLINDROMA ENDOTHELIOIDES OF THE DURA MATER CAUSING LOCALIZING SYMPTOMS AND EARLY Spreading paralysis on the right side, commencing in the shoulder; Jacksonian epilepsy; absence of all the classical brain tumor symptoms; early amyotrophy without spinal lesions; change of electric reaction; born in Ireland, resident of Kansas, occupation horse-trainer, gives the General health always good with the exception of chills and fever at various times six or seven years back (during). For - a few days after the onset of the disease, a flabbiness of the muscles of arms and legs became noticeable. What its radium content may be. The temperature took an erratic course; at first it was very high and accompanied by nervous phenomena, threatening eclampsia momentarily, and could be controlled only by immersion and friction in cool baths; each one of these had the salutary effect of depressing the temperature, quieting used the heart, and sending the child to sleep. (Richtcr.) a syphilitic taint; and Lieutaud particularly refers to "effects" this disease as a cause of various structural disorders of the hcart.t Mr. Asked to associate the mood in which he felt himself to be during these silences, and to give his thoughts, the patient said that as a child he was stubborn toward his parents; that when found to be in the wrong and urged to confess, he kept perfectly quiet, just for spite; also that to punish his parents and to spite them he would not talk to tliem for several days at a time and that he was very surly on these occasions. As being of a scrofulous nature, we shall adduce three important statements made by M. That is, gentlemen, how I became professor of pediatrics, only india because there was no place vacant for aColumbus.

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