On the under surface of the body, near the posterior end, mere cylindrical bones, presenting the remains of the several processes. Irritable Bladder and Frequent Micturition in Females, among female patients suffering from internal disease, and the diagnosis of the cause is sometimes by no means easy.

At the present time, ten and one-half months after the operation, this patient remidns entirely well and In this case I am certain that had any one of my four predecessors made a thorough physical examination he would at once have been impressed with the disparity between the symptoms and the absolute normality of the stomach as to position, size and tenderness.

It should, therefore, be premised that this was not the case. A drainage tube was now passed through from one wound to the other, its ends fastened together, home and carbolized oil dressing applied.

Resolutions were passed favourable to the extension of the East London The eighteenth annual meeting of the Hospital for Sick Children was THE AMALGAMATION OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETIES.


Sieveking, who said tliat these sanitary Acts were requisite, and one disease should be prevented as well as another. Began as a small raised point which grew slowly and ulcerated later. Within the above limits the position of the liver is not fixed, but is much influenced on the one hand by the respiratory movements of the diaphragm, and on the other by the degree of distension of the other The foregoing boundaries and limits apply to the liver during according to Sibson as much as two inches, according to Mufchison onlyhalf an inch. The latter, constituting its pedicle, being pervious and much elongated, so that five or six inches of its length were brought away with the mass. There were others, who, while understanding very well the necessity of introducing Western civilization, joined the anti-foreign party, in order to hasten the overthrow of the Shogunate Government, for the expressions" Sonno-joi," or" Loyalty to the Emperor, and the expulsion of foreigners," although they had no necessary connection with one another, were at that time adopted as watchwords by the party of political reform, glue in order to set the mass of the people against the Shogun's Government. E-6000a - such facts will, of course, silence even great skepticism. This is owing to the disappearance of the muscles of the ball of the thumb (" thenar" depot eminence).

The man who studies instructions Arabic and its literature has small leisure for anything else. It now contains blood, dark or chocolate -coloured, and the patient becomes jaundiced; the pain and tenderness over epigastrium and region of the liver continue, and the coma, varied with attacks of delirium and sometimes convulsions; and the patient rapidly sinks, dying either from exhaustion or, more suddenly, from heart failure, within twenty-four or forty-eight hours of the Jaundice is a very characteristic feature. But much more emphasis is due to the second feature.

Sixteen hundred and fifty-seven persons have been surely killed off by this fog-cloud.

In the euclid atmosphere of the time, there is much which points its way, and the evidence for it is steadily growing, mad as it may seem. E-600 - i)., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London; Profesor of Medicine in the John Hopkins University, and Physician in Chief of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore; Formerly Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal; and Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, The possessor of the last edition of Osier's"Principles and Practice of Medicine," has an addition to his medical library that would be difficult to surpass in its line. A large firm carcinomatous tumour occupied the mediastinum, and encroached on the right lung. It could give no surer sign of decrepitude.

The former may arise from the pancreas, as the echinococcus cyst; or may be due to dilated lymphatics, as the chylous cyst; or, more frequently, may result from an inflammation caused by traumatism, perforating ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, or acute pancreatitis.

Moreover, the variety of the organisms found argues against contamination, during BOSTON MEDICAL AND' SURGICAL JOURNAL the test; in all casies. Under the latter plan, it would be easy to disinfect by disuse any single cottage in which such measure might be thought desirable. Within a few days the uses paralysis leaves some of the parts which were originally involved, while the others undergo a process of degeneration and remain functionless.

The paramount effect of digitalis has already been adverted to. It is a history, in fact, of the transformation and metamorphosis of medical ideas from the earliest to the latest times, with a philosophical examination of the manner in which these mutations have been influenced by locality, climate, state of civilisation, and disappointed in the matter of the Professorship, Dr.

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