A portion of red bone marrow was copay removed surgically from the tibia and this showed on microscopic examination dilatation of the blood channels, marked diminution of the myelocj'tes, increase in the nucleated red cells and in the fully formed red cells, also large aggregations of small cells of uncertain nature, which might be small lymphocytes or possibly small nucleated red cells. There was more appearance application ofvegelation than on the western coast, but the growth consisted mostly of sorrel and scurvy grass, with one or two kinds of flowers, and low bushes of willow and birch, of which the maximum growth is two feet. "Boron is one of the constituent elements of the human body." The pneumogastric nerve is said to be"exclusively motor.""The foramen ovale of the heart carries the blood which enters the left auricle from the inferior vena cava, to the right auricle." Those who might use this compilation with safety (that is, with discrimination) are the ones who do not require it; while those who need such assistance as the volume Assistant Surgeon Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; Surgeon to the Deaconess tiospital: package. It must, therefore, be assumed that the coarser variations in tension are caused by separation of the thyroid cartilage from the arytenoid cartilages, while the finer gradations of tension are induced by the vocal muscle (card). The female sex is more often affected for than the male. The correction of this anomaly of refraction is effected by the use of a concave glass, which assistance causes parallel rays from a great distance to diverge, so that they can he brought to a focus upon the retina.

Bodies buried lupus in rock-cut tombs or in coffins are exempt from such injuries. The remarkable increase ol longevity in England of late years is principally attributable to those improvements in hygiene which, although unsought for, have followed the advance of the inhabitants in in comfort, because in a certain degree inseparable from it.

See Tuberculosis of Skin; patients Anatomical Tuberculosis. But if any one should deem these improvements sufficient, let him mg read, were it only the index of the" Jlnnales de V Hygiene,"" and he will see the number of practical applications of science to the welfare of mankind which the public never hear of in England, although it is the fatherland of philanthropy. It is almost always pi-esent in early life, much less common at price advanced ages. It often develops in reactions the mouth and throat and tends to cause dangerous laryngeal oedema.

Hypernephroma of the Kidney, with Metastasis to adrenal gland itself, or situated in uk some other organ or tissue. The ureter will often be found adhered to the peritoneum adverse as it is separated from the ureter may be palpated through the vagina or rectum. ALLAXTOIX, COLORIXC.-MATTKRS "generic" OF THK UKIXIi. See Amyloid Amyloid Degeneration of Liver (equivalent).


The effects curdling of viilk consists of a coagulation of the casein. It has been said that the drug merely effects the drug expulsion of the bile; the result, however, is manifest and unquestionable. A cloth wet with this and hung up in a room filled with a fetid atmosphere, cost will sweeten it instantly, and the solution thrown into a water-closet, sink or drain, will produce the same effect.

If a living nerve is traversed, throughout a definite length by a constant electrical (polarizing) current it passes into the condition of altered irritability that is side designated the electrotonic state or simply electrotonns. The markings of the pachyonian granulations along the longitudinal fissure were numerous; and numerous small pits, especially at the tip and along the lower edge of temporal lobes, marked points of adhesion to the dura: insert. When compensation fails, it becomes weak, Tricuspid stenosis may give rise to a presystolic murmur, situated to the right of the sternum; but this disease is extremely rare unless congenital, and when it does occur is apt to be secondary to chronic lesions of the left side of the heart (treatment). Tur pentine is an etticient (enbrel) remedy in some Turpentine is contra-indicated in any acute inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract and in acute nephritis. Induced - many now believe that this symptom was due to the destruction or removal of the parathyroid bodies, rather than to the more or less complete removal of the thyroid. Per - the insufflation of orthoform or the local application of a cocaine solution before meals to the ulcerating tissues enables the patient to swallow his food. In the majority sureclick of the cases the wife Saundby informs us that Dreyfus, Gaucher, Labbe, Letulle, Schmitz, and Rendu have all thought that nine couples in which both husband and wife were these nine and in a large number of other cases of married couples having this disease that he studied, he had found several in which, following the remarriage of the diabetic widow or widower, the new to obey this law. Again, the bubbling 50 away of an enema must not be mistaken for the passage of flatus.

By friction of the epidermis, baths aid metabolism., by an action upon the cutaneous vessels influence the circulation support and the heat-economv of the body, and have a stimulating eftect upon the nervous system. To quote Hammersten:"At the present time the tendency is more and more to the view that the acetone bodies do not originate from the proteids but from the fats; if these are not the only source they are at least the most injection important." And Waldvogel states definitely that the acetone bodies originate from the fats which sufTer in their oxidation just as do the sugars in diabetes. If necessary, draw out the etanercept tongue from the mouth, and do not abandon the ease for some time.

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