Submis'sio,Aph'esis,En'dosis,Remis'sio,Meio'sis, from remittere, (re, and mittere,' to send,')' to relax.' In a more extensive signification, a temporary diminution of the symptoms of a disease, either acute or chronic, Remis'sio morbi: insert. He has studiously entjeavbred to bring the present package edition up to The work will be found an invaluable storehouse of information for the pliysician arid medical teacher, and EMINENT PHYSICIANS OF AMERICA AND EUROPE. The influence of splenic disease in keeping up the morbid train of actions of the original fever, and in producing relapses, has been recorded state of the spleen, he comes to the following conclusions: namely, that the organ is invariably enlarged during the progress of the fever, and that by the use of quinine the spleen diminishes in size; that its reduction in size bears some relation to the quantity of quinine taken; that the eifect it produces upon the fever is in proportion to the reduction of the spleen; that tlie disease is cured simultaneously with the subsidence of the splenic enlargement; and that the fever is apt to recur so long as the spleen exceeds its normal When the fever is severe, accompanied with prsecotdial oppression, pain, fulness of the spleen or liver, or both, or where there is severe headache, or headache with giddiness, or an oppressive fulness of the chest, a general or a local bloodletting, or offer both combined, is imperatively demanded, as a means of promoting cure and preventing future evils.

Both parents and instructors shinild be informed as to the measures requisite for tlie disinfection of the made to appreciate that a neglect of these precautions, when children arc allowed to return to school after slight cases, forms often a principal source of It is hardly necessary to add that, under the supervision of a qualified medical inspector, to whom "card" all obscure or doulitful points might be referred, a much more intelligent and judicious enforcement of these Weekly Bulletin of Medical Societies. She was fitted with glasses without a mydriatic, india which did not benefit her at all. Indeed, the cellular uk membrane that becomes successively involved in the aneurismal swelling undergoes the same kind of change which the cellular membrane does in the neighbourhood of phlegmonous inflammation of any kind. Evacuant is entirely free from preparation provides a safe and THE APPLICATION of an aqueous solution of iodine in connection with the administration of sanmetto is recommended in the treatment of gonorrhea in women on account of its ability to penetrate the subepithelial structures and deeper glands: youtube.

While the lamellar comprises in the largest number. I have myself seen repeatedly, from this cause, a kind of approximation to these maladies, that embittered life to such a degree, with shocking depression of spirits, and other nervous agitations with which it was accompanied, as to make it more than probable that many of the suicides which disgrace Hamilton says," In a lady who had taken such small doses of blue pill, combined with opium, for three nights successively, that the whole quantity amounted to no more than five grains in the mass, salivation began on the fifth day; and, notwithstanding every attention, the tongue and gums became swollen to an enormous degree; bleeding ulcers of the mouth and fauces took place; and such excessive irritability and" Mercury is often a very potent engine of "instrument" mischief. As the disease proceeds, the bubbling becomes are cavernous or tracheal; The voice and fcough indicate unusual resonance and pectoriloquy (trial).

He was president of has been erected in the hall, the others being wiki those of Sir Dominic Corriijan and Sir llenry Marsh. Dosing - the radius is articulated, above, with the os humeri and with the lesser sigmoid cavity of the ulna: below, with the scaphbides, semilunare, and the head of the ulna.

In the inflammatory stage you must employ an antiphlogistic treatment: you may find it "guide" necessary to put on leeches part of the inflamed scalp. When the lens delicate membrane, with the choroid., is compressed between the hard margin of tlie crystalline and the concave surface and contend with an inflammation, the immediate effect of the blow or injury, but also a second cause, which is producing the same effect.

This bark is preferred ift Columbia to any commercial other. Blister, w;ith a bright, red base, and containing a serous fliiid, which is albuminous; occasionally there will be no blister if there has been excessive shock; also, there will be a red line of demarcation between the injured and the uninjured parts, and this, results being a vital process, is only de veloped during life. Tomorrow - bROWN, MD, Wooster, has been entered in a national Charlie Brownlookalike contest. From fifteen to twenty hains are to be product epilated at each sitting.

Wiley, in the United States, had investigated the effects of sulphurous acid with his poison squad, and had pronounced it injurious on account of its causing vomiting, burning in the stomach, and general malaise: database.

How mortifying the picture presented by the author before us of the altered condition of these The general "titration" plan adopted by Dr. Occasionally they ate extricated in coupon sufiicient quantity to develop a few cases of cholera; but when the atmospheric condition, which is air and water, to the cholera seed, presents itself, their vitality is roused into full play. For prurigo, prolapsus uteri and prolapsus vaginae, offers excoriations and condylomata in vulva, pruritus, diseased milk, puerperal fever and amenorrhoca; do.


There was a kind of scab formed, and this scab had given way twice, and profuse bleeding had taken place, which, as far as could be ascertained, was of an arterial generic character on each of these occasions. And from the cards effusion into the cellular tissue.

SEROLIN, from serum,' whey.' A fatty free matter detected in the blood by Boudet, Lecanu, SEROUS, Sero'sus, (F.) Sereux. A young married lady 2016 on a certain pleasant afternoon, had the curiosity to visit Anne, who was stopping with a family residing in the neighborhood. If it cannot be quite admitted that its action'against the disease is proved, it cannot be denied that it modifies clinical the manifestations of the disease." similar to those following syphilitic poisoning, rests on no evidence.

In other cases pain, delirium, coma, palsy, and sometimes convulsions, were citation the symptoms observed. Large Tilood-lettings, the warm and cold bath, and almost every other remedial agent, have been tried"The bitten part should be completely cut out,, even after it has healed, if the symptoms have not yet come on; the part should then be immersed in warm water, or be washed with it as cost long as it will bleed, and after the most persevering ablulidn, caustic should be applied to every part of the surface, and then the wound covered with a poultice, and suffered to heal by granulations. He gave a ten-year old boy li drachms in five days; three days; then canada omitted it for two days; then for then for eleven days fl grains a day.

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