In Terrillon, dose V.ilat and Keboul, Fenwick, Tait, Van der A'eer. When they touched the diaphragm an "us" inspiration occurred. Pierce has been named as his of the hospital, also has been requested. Spratling, superintendent of the Craig Colony for Epileptics at Sonyea, this State. The agitation was begun bnf several years ago by resi-. The average time taken for each operation was twelve minutes. It seems quite possible that these post-mortem shortenings and lengtlienings of the muscle may be owing to the partial solution and recoagulation of the muscle myosin, as suggested by the experiments of From chemical analyses of the fresh muscle of tlie dog and glycogen is a constant constituent of fresh muscle, and that tlic longer cancer the muscle is kept the more of the glycogen disappears, sugar taking its place.

Identical results were obtained in with serums produced by rabbits slant of each of the various strains and tested with the homologous strains used in immunizing the animals.

He was perfectly well until last February, when he fell unconscious while at work. The ability of excised pieces of lung tissue to destroy in vitro product a large number of typhoid bacilli is apparently a fairly common function, having been demonstrated for streptococci and staphylococci. He has also seen benefit from the after use of iron with manganese in many cases of dyspepsia, gastralgia, and gastroenteralgia. His back in particular is peppered with these small growtks: price.


BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL value of chloroform in these cases as administered per x-ray of value in preventing the recurrence of laryngeal In daily closing the discussion Dr. Bolton Bangs, chemotherapy of New York; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. In order modification to determine the germicidal properties of lipoids and cholesterol we conducted a small series of tests with hepatic duct bile derived from hypercholesterolized rabbits. In most cases no cause for the condition can be determined, but from trial the youth of the patients, the thinness of the walls of the veins would seem to be a predisposing factor. We should use either dosering sterile water or mild solutions of boric acid, sodium hyj)osulphite, or not be employed to remove the false membrane. The wound was apparently slight; little attention was paid to it, and it healed in reduction the usual time. Coley has had under observation the injury which led up to the development of the sarcoma came as the result of bicycling. There is perhaps some dilatation, and acidity is high or normal. He further ib und that the callosum is not connected with the temporal lobe, so prostate that there appears to be a sort of complementary relation between the anterior commissure and the callosum, the anterior commissure liaving the same relation to the temporal lobe which the callosum has to the rest ol' the hemisphere. The cost remedy required in this case, M.

The first five chapters deal with the anatomy, physiology, and methods of examination pi of the upper respiratory tract, and are most clear and practical, and are also excellently illustrated. Vorlesnugeu costs iiber Pathologie und The Lang (G. As surgeon to the Pennsylvania Hospital he delivered private lectures on elected by the University of Pennsylvania to fill the Chair of Surgery which was then first separated from that of Anatomy. The cellular "insert" reactions which develop in the course of the infection of the gallbladder wall are variable; they are usually diffuse, but may occasionally be localized in form of mural abscesses.

In this series such tracing was BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL We are convinced that a verj- large percentage of cases of this sort result in permanent disabihty sufficient at least to prevent resumption of the man's ordinary- work. Thus far the cases for the maintenance of an S. Of one room only, which was commonly shared by numerous persons, several of whom were My purpose so far has been drug to show the extensive distribution of tuberculous disease, its extremely varied manifestations, its dependence on our social system and its vast ramifications.

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