Abortion in cows is often seen as an epizootic, both in this and other countries, and its pathology has been profoundly studied in France and Switzerland, more particularly by Nocard, and its clinical aspect by Strebel, Galtier, de Poncius, and Org; by Lavat, who has witnessed it in sheep; by Biot, who considers it is an infectious inflammation of the serous lining of the uterus; and by Herr G: forward. W2 - during a spell of'' borning" a baby stone, relief can be had by hot baths, opiates, and relaxing medicines, like lobelia; but the wise treatment is, of course, such as will cure the cause, and put a stop to the formation of the calculi; for there is not only the distress of the colic, but the further danger that the gravel may linger and agglutinate in the bladder to form a stone which will some day require a surgical operation for its removal. A weak solution of sugar of lead, may also be applied in cases of this kind, cs a labor local application; but whatever is done locally should be accompanied with thorough treatment for the blood. ACUTE PRIMARY POLYMYOSITIS, WITH REPORT The occurrence of a primary polymyositis or an inflammation of the muscular tissue in general has been disputed free by many observers. Bemiss, who descended refund from Welsh ancestors, emigrated to this country at a very early period, and settled at Worthington, Massachusetts. The alcoholic liquid is filtered off, the residue on the filter washed with strong alcohol, and the filtrates and washings evaporated over the water-bath until free of alcohol: completion. The National Confederation of State Medical Examining and repairs Licensing Boards will hold its twenty-first at the Congress Hotel. There is coming up upon them a current of doubt deeper far than ever dates swelled against them before, a current strong in learning, crested with genius, strenuous yet calm, in progress. Taxes - to avoid this, those who are compelled to work in the sunlight during the hottest days of the year, would do well to wear a wet napkin or handkerchief on the top of the head, under the hat. Predisposing and exciting causes are, if possible, "at" to be removed, and physiological rest provided for the stomach.

The angle looks for the angle formed tax by the clavicle and stemiim. Even the clergy themselves in this period practised bigamy, as we find it ordained at another council held at Narbonne, that such clergymen as were bigamists should only be presbyters and deacons, and should not be allowed to marry and consecrate."" In the eighth century," says the same writer,"Charlemagne had two wives (for).

Thus, in the first stages of pleurisy the siirfaces of the serous membrane are dry and rub against each other, producing the"friction sound;" but as the disease advances some of the natural australia fluid secretion of the membrane, along with a quantity of inflammatory products in a fluid state, is thrown out, and the surface, which was dry, becomes unnaturally moist. After this preliminary application the extremity was encased in a large hygroscopic padding elastic wet dressing. : Chloroform "penalty" in Midwifery, by reading a very able and exhaustive monograph upon that subject.

Shock may be profound, but in the majority of cases the direct result of simple avulsion on 2015 the general condition is slight.


"History," remarks a newspaper writer," is only a record of national experiments: auto. A reform in this custom, however, can hardly be expected to be made in one template generation. De CandoUe used it "estimates" to designate a Sub-genus of his Vesicaria, which is an The plant thus designated by the ancients has been variously referred to Rubia sylvestris, Veronica arvensis, Marrubium alyssum, Asperula arvensis, as a species of cultivated madder. Definition - thickening and thinning often, however, coexist, producing, by their combination, alternating prominences and depressions in the mucous, membrane. That the due stirring could not cause any grinding is too evident. The seminal vesicles my lie back of the prostate gland between the bladder and rectum. It crystallises in small shining like "estimated" stearine with glycerin, forming three classes Ar'achin. It is easy to trace the development of the crown of the canine without from that of the freshly erupted central incisor. In extracting the inferior teeth the patient should be situated much lower down than for extracting the of superior teeth. In these experiments it was found that the resistance of mice to acetonitrile could be increased fortv fold from the minimum by such changes (payments).

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