Clinical illustrations of favus and its. The pain to-day is not shooting in cliiiracter, but it extends down to the fingers. Body; C, slide closing groove; D, stilette, separate parts of the instrument showing its separation and facilities for cleaning, there being but one half inch of groove unopened. On passing upwards more of the hyaline material is seen, frequently causing the protoplasm of the cell to assume a reticulate appearance, and arranging itself in a botryoiJ form. These at first generally occupy a portion only of the inflamed patches on which they arise. Lips and mucous membranes of a good color; tongue slightly coated. She had been suffering for nearly a month, and had not had a single night's rest.

The committee to" consider the Law of Medical Examiners," etc., made a report, and offered some amendments to the present law. Doctor Lobenstine is also doubtful in this regard. After the fifth cup the patient felt gurgling in the tumor, and the ninth cup was followed by the spontameoas reduction of the tumor.

It was brought under the notice of Dr. Although hot and perspiring in bed, his skin could not bear the chill of the open window; and his own account of himself was that his head ached, his back felt as if it were broken, and his legs refused to carry him. Pyocyaneus may have been the exciting cause, as it was found post capsule mortem in a case terminating fatally. The knife divided the synovial capsule' freely alon? the wnole upper surface of the cartilage, and then a scoop-like instrument, made somewhat after the fashion of attempt at extraction was made. The attention bv his guest was so marked as he coiiversed by the way, that the voiing man familiarly slapped the professor upon Ins hack and corctinllv invited him to call again and see some oltstetrical professor was induceJj to write in his book uli imappreciative aci-mnit wIkuvs a u stakal le tendency to carry out the law bearing on this Amen ai coi coct a sodium called medicinea. The best method of treatment under ordinary circumstances, is first of all to remove all pressure by a large" corn plaster" or isolating ring, and to wear properly fitting boots; and, secondly, to soften and remove the corn by the application of salicylic plasters or paints, as recommended for tylosis. Though more used to destroy microbes than to check inflammation, applications in chronic moist eczema. The first was the extraordinary vitality of the contagion, and one of the cases which he related to illustrate this was the following: A young lady, the daughter of a deceased physician formerly well known in New York, having entered one of the Protestant Sisterhoods was called upon to nurse a child suffering from scarlet fever.

A case was reported by Boux of fracture of the olecranon, in which the lesion could not be recognized for several days. Carbohydrates furnish energy with a moderate production of internal heat, hence they are hydrate very valuable in the Tropics, especially indigenous cereals such as maize, rice and the native lentils, as they contain less nitrogen. The finger pressed deeply into the region in front of the elbow over the tendon of the biceps, will excite at this point very acnte pain, whilst all the adjacent parts will remain perfectly free from tenderness. The disease produced by the microsporon is often refractory to treatment, and indefinite in duration.

The majority of "phosphate" the cases met with are the elephantiasis tuberosa variety affecting the integnment and mucous membranes.


Fitz showed a series of specimens from a case of senile gangrene operated on by Dr. He refers to fourteen other patients, who are still residing in elevated regions, and regarding whom the final result is as yet unknown.

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