After two or three days they should be gradually diminished in frequency of administration or in dose, and then suspended.

Within the spinal cord and brain the neurons are supported and held together by a scaffolding of connective tissue peculiar to the nervous system The axon when it leaves the nerve cell is surrounded for the whole of its course by a freestyle fat- like substance known as the myelin sheath.

So, I have seen a patient, one of whose toes was removed for scrofulous disease; then a knee became similarly diseased, and the limb was amputated above it; and soon after this, caries of part of the spine ensued. What more is wanted? It gives liberty to box do what is now prohibited. As might be expected from this circumstancej tenesmus is sometimes constant and very distressing, coupons and the urine scalds in passing. I am inclined to think this theory is in harmony Dr. There is of course a close association by commissural fibres both in "glucose" the brain and in the spinal cord between the. The other is scoliosis, or lateral curvature of the spine in the dorsal region, test with which is usually associated some degree of kyphosis ov forward curvature. Food, while improvement must be proportionate to the increase in the amount of food assimilated. If there be a fever, give a powdered digitalis, half a drachm; saltpetre, three drachms; mix, and give in a quart of gruel, night and morning, and keep the "recall" bowels open by gentle physic. At the end of the third week this he managed remarkably well. During the next day he began to complain of pain, like that of rheumatism, about his left shoulder and clavicle. According of to Salomon, who was the first to isolate this substance, its physiologic action is as follows: In mice the reflexes are increased to a tetanus, followed by a rigor-mortis-like contraction noticeable fact that paraxanthin, xanthin, and gerontin,the most poisonous leukomains of this group, all three atoms of O. The Supreme Court of Iowa recently decided that dogs were chattels, and teversed a decision of a lower court discharging a man for stealing a dog on the grounds that dogs were not property. All will remember the problems presented in the marvellous drama of Job, revolving aronnd the oft-asked question," Do good men suffer, and why?" which was answered with a" no" bv his Pharisaic friends,, with the inference that Job's sufferings were punitive; just as the Greek poet, Aeschylus coneludes, using the words," Whatsoever evil men do, not less shall Decalogue, that the punishment may extend to even the third But we turn from these stern teachers of an earlier time to those breathing a more generous spirit, and as in the beautiful Greek story of the self-sacrifice of Alcestis dying for her lord Admetus, and in the yet infinitely grander story of the gospels of that Christ who died for a whole world, see in these illustrations of another phase of morals, which our subject necessarily In these days when, as in our wide country, possibilities of material success are ever opening up to every young Canadian, where ambition finds almost no trammels in the attainment of its ideals, we cannot but recall the last words of Tennyson's" King" For what are men l)etter than sheep or goats That nourish a blind life within the brain, If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer Both for themselves and those who call them friend? For so the whole round earth is every way Bound by gold chains about the feet of God," and endeavor to make ourselves realize in some slight measure, something of the pregnant meaning such words contain. Examination revealed an irregularity 100 in the line of the dorsal vertebrae.

The instrument is made of metal, and consists of a bellows or blower, a chamber for the reception of the medicine, into the nose. Chancres were washed with distilled water, very carefully dried, and sprinkled with iodol in powder, and covered with silk protective, the dressing being changed daily.


You will always find the uterus in that flaccid condition accompanying such cases. In strong contrast with these cases of widely diffused phlebitis, are those in which a single small portion of a great vein becomes obstructed.

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