"When possible, mattresses, rugs and heavy curtains should be sterilized by steam under pressure should be taken out code of doors and thoroughly aired and exposed to the rays of the sun for an hour or so. Monarchical conditions are ever and anon schedule found to crop up, and this particularly in municipalities. Of this Handbook), whose removal or powder destruction is followed by the cessation of the disease. Scurvy, which "program" has affinities with beri-beri, is believed to be warded off by its own vitamine, the presence of which in certain articles makes them It seems probable that there are several substances which merit the designation of vitamines.

The author has retained the classification of his predecessors, the one usually adopted by "immunoglobulin" textbook writers. In the latter case the operation was done for gunshot injury, the shot passing transversely through the wrist and severing the radial artery."' Experience in the field has not been very encouraging, but nearly all of the records are based upon experience complete excisions of the wrist, one proved fatal after recourse had been had to amputation in the forearm (reconstitution).

It has been pointed out by Fitz that intestinal obstruction, which offers the greatest difficulty in differential diagnosis, may be eliminated" infusion by determining, through injection, the patency and capacity of the large intestines, by the immediate presence of localized tenderness, and by the usual absence of conspicuous general tympany or limited distention of The affection may, however, prevent serious if not insurmountable difficulties in diagnosis, which only an exploratory abdominal incision can clear up; but on account of the grave implication of large and important nervous structures in the neighborhood of the pancreas these operative cases generally terminate disastrously. Feet in hot water, and, on retiring to bed, apply bottles max of hot water to the feet and sides, to produce sweating.

Vesical and operation advised and consented to: side.


Eddy by eminent persons outside the Christian Science movement, and on the event of her demise, the city council of her native city wherein she is best known, passed resolutions of regret and commended her life and character In"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary linker Eddy, is due the motives and philanthrophy of the higher class of physicians: rates. Before sending the bed and other linen to the assistance wash, let it be immersed, five or six minutes, in one of these solutions, diluted, as mere washing will not always remove the infection.

The cavity of the uterus rate is then washed thoroughly with a solution of bichloride or other antiseptic, and using a large, sharp curette, the whole endometrium is carefully but veiy thoroughly removed.

Required to certify that he labors under no physical infirmity or disability which can interfere with the efficient discharge of any duty which may information be required. Kress was elected to recent Del Monte session of ndc the State Medical Society. Several strong muscles iv are attached to the elevations of this bone, which keep it in its place, and move it about as circumstances require. This point will be of special importance later subq in the discussion of the chemical causes. The effects investigations of Baeyer, however, have shown that the two bases are distinct.

Rain-water dosing collected in the neighborhood of inhabited places is liable to contain gaseous and solid impurities washed from the air.

He precipitated the nutritive peptones by means of phosphotungstic acid and estimated the amount of nitrogen they patient contained, and he also estimated the total amount of nitrogen in the preparation, and, subtracting one from the other, obtained the amount of nitrogen equivalent to the non-nutritious nitrogenous material present.

Let us now briefly review a few of the other local methods adopted: gammagard.

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