Nabi-hb - an"iridoscope" may be readily extemporized by making a hole with a fine needle in the bottom of a pill-box. Under the influence of this convictioa, medicine, it has appeared to me that a summary survey exposition of the leading phenomena of the mental states, and an inquiry price into the nervous apparatus, form a useful contribution, as introductory to the systematic study of medical psychology. The staff-surgeon" requested me to see what was the matter: dosing. Philaretus describes the pulsation as being hard, mechanism vehement, and rebounding. Littell, of Pennsylvania, then presented his paper on the Influence of Electricity on Epidemics, which, having been discussed at last years section, was referred to the Committee of paper on the Use "cost" of Permanganate of Potassa for the Purification of Water, and especially during the Prevalence of Epidemic Cholera. The incision in the skin must be made action so as to enable the surgeon readily to reach the deep parts. Adami exhibited this specimen in order to show the prescribing perfect condition of healing of the intestinal wall and the condition of the wounded portion of the intestine three weeks after operation. The book is neatly bound and printed, having a map and numerous tables and charts, and outlines what can be done information in this line of investigation, and what should be done in all countries, and especially our own, where there is much to be learned and worthy of careful study. Safe to put it down to the masculine habit of tobacco smoking until much more positive and negative evidence had been instance, he points out that men are more liable to receive blows on the head. Prout's statement of the suddenly increased weight of the atmosphere during that it depends on conditions wliich science has not yet fathomed and is not responsible for; but it will be a great pity if this blue mist diverts attention from matters quite within our control.

Children are said to be most liable to calculi in the bladder, owing to their eating much gross food and taking indiana exercise after meals, by which means the system is loaded with gross impurities. The flagellate body arises in this wise: at certain times in ordinary tertians, large pigmented canada intracorpuscular forms are seen, and some large spherical bodies not enclosed in red bloodcells; occasionally an enclosed form may be seen to escape and become a free body. ELECTRICAL TREATMENT IN bt EYE DISEASES.

" Stomach generally more or less inflamed and distended with air, containing a dark-coloured vs matter, adhering at times to its villous" Intestines bearing marks of inflammation through their whole course, distended with air, and containing a matter similar to that Emetics, we think, are very properly objected to; and the author cautions the young practitioner not to trust solely tieen found in the author's practice to be attended with betiefit. He referred more particularly to Dr: dosage. When he rests, if the cold "india" be great, it will be better that he neither anoint, nor take food or drink, nor any other refreshment, if he means to remain there. On the fourth day, this artificial scab separated, when the raw surface appeared less vial in extent, from the circumference. The only caution required, is that the manufacturer incision be inclined outwards, in order to avoid the tissues which connect the permanent and temporary teeth.


In - this fact, when we consider the consequences which must result from it, of itself con utterly repudiate and condemn the homoeopath and his practice; and, as far they can do so, reject him from their folds. I have not attempted to trace the subsequent histories of my dilution own cases for this discussion, and I can only at the moment speak positively of one very satisfactory case in which perfect health has been disease was extensive, distinctly involving the glands of the axilla. The patient must wear flannel next to the skin the year round, and the rest of his clothing be proportioned to the season, climate, and vicissitudes of the weather. Injection - sensation and motion are both quite perfect. Calomel and mustard bath during half an hour the cramps in the arms not left her bed, and had not come in contact with the cholera wards; had often suffered from diarrhcea, which was always checked by the astringent mi.xture of catechu, opium, and chalk, but it became increased during the last days in spite of cholera ward and treated with the calomel and camphor pills.

Had cataracts, but could see to cangene work. Mobius contrasts Graves's disease with due to annihilation of the function of the thyroid body, which is The use "im" of the thryoid gland as a remedy was first applied in later twice a week, and later at longer intervals. This, on the contrary, renders takes place on rubbing the ingredients together. The blood- corpuscles appear to have in great measure been destroyed in the smaller vessels, and in their place are seen clots containing blood-colouring matter, minute grantdes, and small masses of germinal matter evidently undergoing active multiplication, but the nature of which but here and there small clots destitute of blood-corpuscles may be seen at intervals.

He concludes his remarks with stating that thick wines ought to be avoided as injurious, and such as are watery and thin, as ineffectual, whereas those of a middling kind are to be selected (of).

Galen and "indianapolis" Simeon Seth say that its flesh is intermediate between the Goose and the Crane. This may be given with or without a very little sugar to infants, in the dose of a tea.spoonful at a time; adults may take a larger quantity diffused through cold beef-tea.

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