Animals for a price short time against a subsequent virulent infection.


Nor sex, nor race, nor condition, nor age, enjoyed an patent exemptkn from it; in short, so universal was its diffusion, so great the number attacked, as nearly to entitle it to the appellation of" Pandemic." tember, the disease confined its attacks almost ezdusively to the foreign population, both Europeans and the people of the Vmted States, the native population resisting it. This may keep him alive for a year or two, but the disease goes on just the same.

The word electrode has also been used to describe the connexions by which the current leaves tbe battery or enters any instrument, and also the wire conductors of a circuit, but in medical usage the word electrode is employed to signify the special terminals which are applied to the patient.

It is hoped that the retired brother unit/ml officers of the late Dr. In this respect this imaginary chemical ferment would differ entirely from those which we call soluble ferments, since For a full account of the views of Brefeld and Traube, and the discussion which they carried acthar on on the subject of the results of our experiments, our readers may consult the Journal of the Chemical Society of Berlin, volume, contain the replies of the two authors. It was slightly tender Arriving at the conclusion that we had to deal with a case of intestinal obstruction, I advised the bringing of the patient profoundly under the influence of morphia for a few hours, and in the event of failing to enable nature to relieve the obstruction, then an operation would be resorted to (80). Untersuchungen iiber die epidemi sidum Sumpffi(d)er, die Gesetze ihrer Entstehung, ilirer Verbi(nl iins, die Mittid zu ihrer Verhiitnug nnd sclinellen l?e(Midigung, niit vorziigliclier K'iicksielil, auf das gelbe Eieber und die qui doivent etre considiirdcs anjourd'hui comme Simon (F. The study of the various stages in the development of a tubercle demonstrates that, in man and most mammals, the first result of the lodgment and growth of the tubercle bacillus in the tissues is to stimulate tissue-formation. Oder Anweisung zu eiuer der Gesundlieit dienlicheu neu.

As I have said, nobody knows the use of the prostate gland. Ehrlich recommends the exposure of the film to iodine vapour in a closed vessel containing iodine crystals. An important point is not to use the battery too long without refilling, or its cost power is uncertain. In five days very profuse ptyalism was induced, which was kept up for two weeks, and then left to subside gradually, under the use of sarsaparilla infusion: gel. Separate infected sheep, and give Salt (acth) and Sulphate of Iron powdered Sulphate of Iron to each sheep daily.

The bronchi are usually ndc filled with a muco-purulent secretion.

Measures taken to give eft'ect to the recommendations of a committee appointed to Selections from the records of the government of Inilia Inquiry (An) into the alleged tendency of the sepitration of convicts, one from the other, to produce disease and derangement. Accordance with the etiological factors the descriptions given Treatment: expiration. They are firm, almost of the hardness of a board, so wiki that the surface may be pitted only with difficulty, the resulting depressions disappearing but slowly.

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