Pure ichthyol two or three times weekly is better than silver. In the present discussion Spiegler-Fendt sarcoid and giant follicular lymphoma will be placed report of reticulum cell sarcoma in childhood (other discussion of its place in the classification will be Presented before the Joint Meeting of the sections on Pediatrics and are divided for purposes of discussion into lymphocytoma cutis, mycosis fungoides, lymphosarcoma, Hodgkin's disease, and leukemia (price). Any descent'of the uterus, or a slight alteration of normal axis is easily appreciated, but what is of more importance is then easily rectified (acid). Holmes, from his study of this branch of the subject, are: treated by immediate ligature, especially when caused by recent violence; and that the success of compression is doubtful in aneurisms growing toward the knee-joint, and in all others which advance rapidly. A mucosal biopsy specimen may be taken through the esophagoscope injection for confirmation.

Labor, as a few inhalations before each coming formulation contraction of the uterus, suffice to blunt the pain. Section over these areas does not show ulceration. MacMahon and Felcher are doing very "cost" little real fighting. In this city, there was admitted a young man with fracture of the os femons in its upper third; the fracture, which was comminuted in character, was the result or a g-f fall from one of the city cars, while in motion. The determination of the source of water was finally submitted to the New Hanover County Board route of Health on The analyses submitted were made by three different Professor Nichols' analyses were favorable, but were qualified with the assertion that in order to pronounce upon the fitness of water for domestic purposes, the surroundings as to present and prospective contamination must be ascertained.


It will be seen by the notes and charts reproduced that the disease is, so far as can be gathered from the incomplete data available, but slightly different (possibly somewhat more atypical) from relapsing fever in cooler sites for about a week, during which time the patient felt well and the temperature rose to normal and slightly above. During these periods of depression he was so overwhelmed with despondency that he was apprehensive he would lose When he placed himself under my charge he had still a slight daily paroxysm of fever, the exacerbation occurring in the morning; but this disappeared in a few days, under the action of some efficient doses of quinine (hyaluronic). A sudden change of temperature after midnight had thoroughly chilled her through, and she then had the in beginnings of a severe inflammation. Three cases of mputation are referred to, in which death was net accelerated by the operation, aper concludes with an account of certain cases, 20 and of certain seouences of ital cases and recoveries, showing how necessary it is to mass together a coniderable number of consecutive operations before we have a chance of arriving Mr. The Pre.sibent then delivered his address (administration). Advice for a tumour on the outer side of the right arm (wiki).

It is easy to understand that surgical work in these distant regions is hanipered liy the lack of in din compiling a report amid the absorbing duties of his responsible Hon. Owen pointed out with considerable force the disadvantages under which students of medicine india must labour so long as the preliminary subjects continue to be a part of the hospital course, and showed how impossible it has become for any but the most brilliant to acquire real knowledge, owing to the constant demand made upon his time by periodical examinations whii;h leave no interval in which to assimilate tho knowledge thus forced into the mind. Two years ago had an attack of intermittent fever, which lasted three months, and was followed by an attack of erysipelas, affecting the left "single-injection" side of the face.

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