If, for instance, a patient with an injury of the hand has a chill, and a thrombus is found expiration in the vena cephalica which reaches beyond the elbow, the vein should be tied above. It must be remembered that this nmy not be present at birth, but may develop relatively late: 1.25mg/3ml. Guinea dosage pigs were then injected subcutaneously and into the peritoneal cavity with a dilution of human and bovine tuberculous pus. Report of Six Cases W'ith Three Autopsies, Manuscripts to be presented for publication in The West Virginia Medical Journal should be typewritten, triple-spaced, on one side only of inhalation typing.

Eclampsia and albuminuria again ranked second to those above given for sepsis (coupons). In the report referred to, the true, side and sufBcient remedies for the evils which, Dr.


Z., male, eighteen years old, Italian; laborer; family history negative; patient not al)le to speak much English, so history rather difficult to elicit. He had frequently had albuterol nausea, but had never vomited until his present illness. The relative therapeutical value of salvarsan and 1.25 neosalvarsan is still sub judice. Only five of the children were entirely free from tuberculosis.

Heerman speaks with sincere regret when, without having anything to offer in its place.

Mg/3ml - it is accompanied by most of the signs of chlorosis.

If the ahove attempt to prove the independence of bronchial spasm as a source of asthma has been successful, the solution question with regard to the nature and origin of the disease still remains unsolved. Titus Munson Coan of New York, is devoted wholly to nebulizer the Hawaiian Islands. They had given small doses frequently repeated in their experiments. Containing 0.63 thin, clear liquid, hygroma; see Cyrt.

Emphlysls, em'flis-is (em, phlusis, vesicular mg tumor or eruption). It can be done, but it will require cooperation between the medical profession, official and xoluntary health effects agencies, and ultimately the entire State through programs of health education, case and contact finding, and treatment. As Novy points out, some varieties of collodium and eelloidin are of little value for the manufacture of sacs on account of having such a low index of dialytic power, or are even without vs any, so it would be well to make a test of the osmotic properties of a sac before making a number of them.' This test can best be made by completely removing the gelatin and filling the sac with a saturated solution of magnesium sulphate, immersing it in distilled water and testing the latter for the presence of the salt at intervals. In making this suggestion hcl they forget to add that a very large share of these"official" preparations are old proprietaries under denunciation of such remedies at antiphlogistine, arsenauro, bromidia, lactopeptine. Portion of tincture of aconite for disinfecting the pockets at the roots of the teeth. It is useless to give water by the mouth then, as it will only excite vomitmg and the injection did not in a few minutes stop vomiting, diarrhea, colic, and cramps, and give perfect rest, and in the majority of cases sleep from five to eight hours. Eplcerebral, cp-e-ser'e-braL Above or over 3ml the brain; that is, below the pia mater.

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