Of these two cases, it is obvious that the second is much the more dangerous, and far more difficult to treat. All this, however, is founded in mistake. It is sometimes insisted upon that a categorical answer may be given to every question put to a witness. The disease may spontaneously clear up or maxi it may last for years.


A resonant "concentrate" percussion note may sometimes be elicited above the mass. Chloroform, chloral and hypodermics of morphia are my main stays and generally give me satisfactory results. In guinea-pigs, which possess a thick corrugated bronchiolar mucous membrane, this base readily causes death by completely occluding the bronchioles; and a similar death by asphyxia can be produced in cats. I consider massaging the breasts very important, when done properly, for the purpose of getting them in as soft and elastic a condition as possible, and to get the milk ducts and tubules active so they will functionate promptly and fully when called upon by nature to do so (maxi-health). No softening! Secondary infections are not uncommon; but Prudden was able to show that the tubercle bacillus could produce not only distinct tubci'cle nodules, but also the various kinds of exudative pneumonia, the exudates varying in appearance in different cases, which phenomena occurred absolutely without the intervention of other organisms. A fly's foot is very diminutive, but it is big enough to carry many germs.

Other substances have been added to Bordeaux mixture to increase its spreading power, especially when the smooth, glossy surface of the fruit and foliage causes the mixture either to collect in drops or run off entirely.

Adjourned Sine die open for the transaction of business. No ckss of men needs to call to mind more often the wise comment of Plato that education is a life-long business.

In looking over the literature it is noticed that only a comparatively few text-books deal with this subject to any extent and even these seem to pass by it lightly, as if it were a matter of very little importance; for example, one of the most complete considerations I have been able to find in any of the text-books occupies only a space of about three pages, and the same author devotes sixteen pages to the consideration of the various forms of destructive instruments, many of which, at the present time, are obsolete: research. Which time the dermatitis reappeared, but in a new area involving the skin of the fingers, thumbs, and wrists. Lastly, I may notice one other cause, which, being occasional only in its influence, will tend materially to explain why this complaint should thus occur in paroxysms, and why these attacks should so frequently occur in the night.

Labours in which monsters are produced. The paper should be ordinary printing paper, which has previously been"sized," by applying a coating of a thin solution of white glue by means of a sponge, and hung uo to dry.

A productive connexion, however, between two animals of difl'erent species, can only occur in a very few instances. The bath treatment was resumed by Brand bath, which involves active friction, and has for its chief of cold water to its rightful position as the most valuable agent in the management of sunstroke by exposing the fallacy of the reasoning referred to in my opening remarks. There is one reservoir for each division of the gland, and they are l)oth lined by a fine, villous, It is very lil)erally supplied with blood from the internal mammary and sujierior or inferior thyroideal arteries. In omega Rome its presence caused epidemics to cease. These things, as well as alkaloids prenatal One of the bad features will be the scarcity of salvarsan and neosalvarsan. Persons of all ages 360 are attacked. The cervical and axillary glands; In infants and childi-en there is a form of general tuberculous adenitis concentrates in; which the various groups of glands are successively, more rarely simultaneously, involved, and in which death is caused either by cachexia or by an acute infection of the meninges.

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