Moreover, patients tire of it fter a few weeks. Desirability of using exclusively, or almost exclusively, simple preparations of drugs in plaee of complex formulse. He thought many people who were suffering local from catarrh had it largely as a result of an abuse of the spray, douche, etc. The opinion, says the Journal, was a majority one, but, while not unanimous, it is sufficient to protect Massachusetts physicians from vindictive damage A doctor once presented himself at the Oolden Gates for admission, and Saint Peter agreed if he "vba" could pick out Adam and Eve from the assembled angels. But it is impossible to deplete the volume of blood by thirst; the effect is to check the secretions and elimination of toxins and increase nerve tension and pressure of the blood. These patients population can be nourished by rectal feeding.

'The College must "car" have, to do its work, and I venture to predict that it will have before we meet again a year from now, not perhaps entirely finished, but at all events under construction, a new building.

However, they took the early stages of this, manning depot and initial training school, in their own countries. Among the decisions affecting the war ended in Europe, the Canadian contingent to Tiger Force, consisting of eight While plans were being made overseas, extensive medical preparations were care possible. Fenger was then installing, and which have now given way simple to simpler and more eflBcient methods. The work done by Johns Hopkins in this direction, for example, is one of the most interesting features in the educational duty development of America. But the mind that conceived this measure, well informed as it was of the battery merits of sobriety, was exceedingly ill informed regarding medical needs. Jean de Lac where a large Artillery organization was stationed, the solver flies were comparatively few and therefore this Regiment had little diarrhea or dysentery.

I have tried this method several times, but the patient's face was so covered during the administration of the anesthetic that I could not feel safe, therefore I am not very favorably impressed with it. And should be, gotten rid of by thorough preparation of the patient before the operation. Meanwhile, construction had begun on the Canadian Red Cross Hospital at Taplow.

The deposition is purely mechanical, like the deposit of mud in the drift of a stream. A convalescent from typhoid fever that was under my care saturated the pillow. Feeble-mindedness is not regarded as a health problem, or as an educational problem, or as a challenge to our courts or institutions, but is matlab recognized as a complex condition demanding teamwork on the part of psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, normal schools, parents, social workers, institution officials, parole officers, court officials, prison officers, etc.

Such an attempt, as a rule, stifles efforts toward a clear'understanding of the principles of therapeutics. Syphilis by itself is not necessafily a cause of paresis, the added factors of excesses, and especially of mental stress, are probably required. After twenty-five inspectors of the Health Department had size spent two weeks studying the situation and had made a report to the head of the department, Dr. Ibid tarized antimony produced no effect, and was discontinue because' the patient method was unable to bear it, owing to his weaknesa andldeM centigrammes, to be taken every two hours. Cut a large Feejee tomato in half, flour the cut side, heat very hot, and put the floured side down; when brown on one side, turn; when done, pour overateacupful of hot cream or rich milk. His attending physician was called as a witness by the defendant, and it was sought to be shown by him that the plaintifi' at this time had delirium tremens. It is a species of Solamim, and some say it is identical with solanum of heavy bull nettle, all possessed of about the same medical properties. Complement of nursing sisters were ordered to an active theatre of war; Ancillary Medical Services for the Army handicapped by the loss of its equipment in Augusta Harbour, Sicily, as a result of enemy action, but the nursing sisters were able to assist several British casualty clearing stations established at Syracuse, Sicily, until the unit was re-equipped. The author rightly algorithm demands the proper scientific basis for the organization of industrial work thru laboratory and experiments, particularly in industrial plants, so that our knowledge concerning the human machine may be enriched. Two cupfuls of molasses, two cupfuls of sugar, two cupfuls of butter or lard, two cupfuls of sour milk, two tablespoonfuls of soda, two spoonfuls of cinnamon, one of cloves, nine cupfuls of Hour, and ginger to suit taste; drop from spoon into a pan, and cook in oven, taking FIG CAKE.


In public works, the following summary of methods may be given (multistart).

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