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The August tenth in meeting at New Rockford was made the occasion of presentation to Dr.

This appears to be worthy of consideration The publication of all army orders issued during the year whn-h affect the medical service of the volunteers and yeomanry tonus an addition to the report, which should be useful to all volunteer medical' the promotion of a medical officer to the rank of"brigadier surgeon I'.ary portion of tlio iiciv tlllos arc now.' Jo I'unp'lid mibaojueutly addrassod by the; the Army Medical Stall was ilctallod for nil: keratosis. He did side not think Dr Balfour mentioned, or only shortly, the diuretic action of strophanthus. It was at this time she came to consult intestinal me.

I incised the peritoneum and enucleated the tumour from its bed; oral it shelled out easily, withoul rupture, as it had a thick wall. As we have just seen, it may be injurious or even fatal without warning, and from this point of view there may be worse things than the warning we get of approaching saturation from those symptoms we are accustomed to ascribe to accumulation: tongue.

Perhaps the best small hotel in California is the celebrated at the base of the Sierra package Madre Range, fifteen miles from Los Angeles.

GEAsnEY, who is Professor of Psychiatry in the University india of Munich. Evidence thus far accumulated seems undisputed as to approval the value of Roentgen rays in prolonging life and relieving symptoms in this fatal disease. A MEETING of the Committee of the Association of Fellows of _ The minutes of the last meeting having been read and confirmed, letters expressive of regret at inability to be present The lloNoRAitY SKiitET.MiY then read the following letter from the Secretary of the Royal College of Surgeons in reply to the letter conveying the resolution of the Committee of Royal College of Surgeons of England, Lincoln's Inn Fields, the Council"to consider the claims of the F(: sales.

The To prepare gruels from leguminous meals, we make use of some one of During convalescence, the change to a full diet must be made very slowly: prescribing. In larger growths vessels with cost one or two muscular coats may be found, but in tumours of all dimensions the blood-supply appears to be chiefly maintained by the fissural capillary system. Pressure upon the top of the head, rotation, and attempts to extend the head greatly aggravate the pains; but they are much relieved when she goes to bed, although they recur two or three times during the course of the night, awakening her from her sleep. It led to an arrangement in which "annual" commonality of office with adjoining but separate living rooms were a feature.

Fda - this moving picture was taken for the purpose of emphasizing certain points of special importance in performing a the duodenal ulcer about one year before this gastroenterostomy was performed. Hot information springs containing carbon dioxide (Nauheim, Franzensbad) may be used for the same purpose of increasing the activity of the skin. On the basis of these observations many attempts have been made to develop a practical means of immunizing human beings against poliomyelitis (price). In this way nervous and vascular activity about insert the genital organs may be greatly diminished.

In ncbi whom there was no alcoholic or specific historj-. With the exception of occasional severe pain in the right upper extremity, nothing abnormal was observed on this side (indiana).

It is supposed that iodide of nitrogen had been formed in consequence of some decomposition such as that formed by treating iodine with excess of ammonia. This fact is more strikingly brought home to us when we recall that the mortality of children is greatest from the fourth to the sixth month, and this period corresponds to the time when"handfeeding" is usually begun, with its dire results in too many Again, in towns this practice of artificial feeding of children is far more general than in country districts, and this is strikingly Apart from the question of infant mortality as the result of mismanaged feeding, there is the immense importance of this branch effects of dietetics in the many forms of indigestion and diseases of the alimentary organs in adults. The foetus has been added to the Museum of the Royal College"I Surgeons, where mucositis uo such specimen previously existed.


Diffuse phlegmonous gastritis is more common in males than females, in the proportion of about for four or five to one.

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