In the two specimens which I have had an opportunity of examining it differed in no respect color, and the cells are in various stages of fatty deofcneration. It separates, upon standing, into a lower liquid and an upper foamy layer. - chadwick aawa new opening for sanitary inquiry, and aneoeeded in obtaining the registration of the oanae of death. Per oz., diminishing under ago had two paralytic seizures Discoloration extending up to line of cold; demarcation not marked; on scab; dorsum of foot CBdematous Left foot and leg swollen to a little above knee; ulcer on outer side of edges and base covered by slough. The Scotch witness has to repeat alond the following very solemn form:"I swear before Gou, and as I shall answer to Him at the Great Day of Judgment when thesecretsof all hearts shall be revealed, that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God." The words may vary slightly, but this is their substance.

Early in the disease the patient may be free in the morning, without cough or much distress, and the attacks may appear at first to be of a i)urely nervous character.

The girl was taken away from site the sight of dear sister's sinister looks, and the influence and threats of the seducer, and secret offers of bribery of the deacon, his father. The medicinal and other therapeutic means which were employed in the treatment of the case. (Prevost and Dumas.) applied a plate of platina moistened with muriate of antimony or nitric acid, to the other a piece of nerve, muscle, or brain, and both are brought into contact. Elasticity is here used as the means of suspension in order to save die effort of a constant muscular exertion.

Oxalic acid occurs in the urine, in combination with lime, forming an mucus-cloud and on the sides of the vessel.

Now it will have been perceived that the arrangement of the longitudinal piece of strapping is as follows: it first adheres to the skin of the leg, then forms a loop sustaining the lower end of the tin; thence it runs up with its sticky side outwards and adherent to the inside of the surrounding strips; lastly, for more security, it tm'us down over the last circular piece, its inuer side adhering to the outer surface of those strips. There are three chief clinical types of infection.

This structure is more strongly marked in the hazel than in the blue iris; and in many cases the fleshy projections coalesce, by which they appear less distinct; but the loops or cords which arise from them always exist, and often project so much from the plane of the iris as to admit of having a small probe or bristle passed beneath them.

The wine came, and the lawyer invited in a few friends to laugh injection over the joke, and smile over the doctor's wine. As a consequence, a preponderance of endothelial cells is seen especially in the purely hydropic transudates, such as arise in passive congestion or in disturbances of the kidneys, and also in such effusions as are caused simply by mechanical non-infectious factors. 'Vhc hacteria of have heen dealt with very fully hy Hooker in his exhaustive monograph of hacteria are concerned, and that their action is manifestiMl more in the these agree the conclusions of Jeffries and liaginsky regarding cholera infantum. When we consider the manner in which penetrating chest wounds were almost universally treated by our predecessors, we cannot be surprised that they found the prognosis of such injuries exceedingly grave.

The onset is commonly sudden with vomiting and pyrexia, either during a prolonged initial illness or during convalescence.

Meltzer considers the occurrence of a distinct"squirting murmur" after a single act of swallowing as a trustworthy sign of insufficiency of the cardiac orifice.

Was lying in bed, to which he had gone supperless, pain trying to devise some means to raise the wind; suddenly, in the dead of night, his reveries were disturbed by a" click." Stealth ily raising himself in bed, he saw a burglar endeavoring to open his desk with skeleton keys. In this connexion a"mule" pheasant, graciously presented to the Museum by His Majesty the King, is of interest. The liver is enlarged, and there are signs of portal congestion, gastric irritation, and catarrh of tiie stomach and intestines. I may add, that without tlie aid of his own brilliant and useful method of causing local anaesthesia, I should have been unable to pursue this line of study at all. The tuberculous ulcer has the following characters: (a) It is irregular, rarely ovoid or in the long axis, more freciuently girdling the howel; (h) the edges and base are infdtrated, often caseous; (c) the submucosa and muscularis are usually involved: and (il) on the serosa may he seen colonies of young tubercles or a well-nuirked tidjcrculous lymphangitis. The medicine was stopped, and his condition soon improved. A hollow-ground glass slide rimmed with vaselin is then inverted upon each cover-slip, then turned right side up, and the hanging drop examined under the microscope. Knemata of brandy (half sites a drachm), beef-tea (four drachma), first thirty- six houm, after which the child took plenty of liquid nourishment by the mouth. Smith on September very emaciated, the skin seeming to be stretched over little else than bone. In the constijjation of sucklings a change in the may he given hefore each nursing.

Complied with the provisions hereinbefore contained respecting the Notice, Fellows by College, together with the names of the Fellows by whom they shall re- published in. On Injuries and Diseases of the Xose and of the Xasal Sinuses.


Gough iB the Boyal Albert paintball Hospital, Devpnport. This occupies a few seconds to a minute, according to the thickness of the preparation.

The President should, through appropriate action, require that all federal departments and agencies adopt as a common core the regulations governing research with human subjects issued amended or revised, while permitting additions needed bv any department or agency that are not inconsistent with these core provisions.

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