In the hospitals, where courses of training of some months' duration are given, such persons are carefully looked over, but the number of persons receiving such training is very small: xultophy. Although no cultures were made, the lesion is more consistent with a viral agent than with a bacterial infection. Nor is it essential that it should have breathed at the time it was killed, as many children are born alive and do not breathe for some time afterward." It also appears, from the decisions of the courts of the Commonwealth, that" if a child is born dead it cannot be regarded as having been the subject of violence, even though it were destroyed by human agency, no matter at what It would clearly seem from this that the law, evidently for the purpose of limiting the time at which a murder can be committed to a period after birth, does not recognize a foetus which has not sustained an existence of its own as a person, nor when dead as the dead body of a person. Treatment is provided trials in the office and eliminates the expense of hospitalization. The author, who is the medical officer of health for the Mid- Warwickshire Sanitary District, embraces the belief in the de novo origin of enteric fever, and states that, whether the disease is produced by befouled air or polluted water, there is a constantly accumulating amount of evidence which goes to prove that neither the air nor the water need be tainted with the specific contagium of the disease; he does not, however, explain why it is that such vast amounts of befouled air and polluted water are constantly consumed without giving ri,-e to typhoid fever. Without his controls, the individual will respond to various stimuli affecting his interpersonal relationships with his family, friends, employers, and fellow employes. One of the later results of the general awakening of religious feeling which took place in England about BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

The Scholarship is to be paid in two portions, one-half on The winner of the George Brown Memorial Scholarship shall THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RAILWAY THE next meeting of this association will be held in Toronto, chairman of the Committee of Management, is working very actively in the interests of the meeting, which, it is expected, will be a large Canada and Mexico. After that he was approval never referred to again. They further insist that the payment must be made by the individual worker and allow that if the plan wants to reimburse him later that is a matter that concerns guide only the worker and his union. If seen early in the disease, the throat area may not be particularly red. He is the personal communications channel between grass roots and State These field directors replace the field representatives of the Public and Professional Relations Bureau. The patients are at least relieved of the weight of the spleen, and in two instances supposed to be early cases of myelogenous leukemia, not counted in this series, the patients have been cured, or at least they have lived a number of years following the operation. I would believe that they can still set them up on Saturday and Sunday, and have them available for inspection Monday morn ing when the House of Delegates business is essentially over. In some areas of the State I feel certain the district branch is actively successful, and will continue to hold its definite role in the lives of the If any of the district branches dissolve their usual meetings, one person at least will be the loser, and that is the president of your State Society (clinical). It is to be noted in the male patient that although the vital capacity remained essentially unchanged, insert as therapy the mean velocity of expiration showed a marked increase, thus giving a better indication of the true condition of the patient. We are always here for you whether by telephone or with a visit to your home town. A second point for cautious interpretation of these studies may be erroneous estimates of blood volume if only one compartment is measured, as pointed out above. Semou had recently stated that disease of the larynx in congenital syphilis w;us very rare.

For this service, to be sure, a fee of only two dollars is allowed, ridiculously small in proportion to the service rendered, but it is one of those offices which republics require of their citizens for the public good, I have examined a great many certificates of insanity in our stale hospitals without finding more than one that really gave ihe superintendent an intelligent view of his case, or a very large number that entirely fulfilled all tiie requirements of the law; a not uncommon fault being that the statements of third parties were evidently taken, and sometimes with apparent haste, fact that in the medical certificates there was no indication even that the patient was insane: for instance, that a man thinks he is to be everlastingly damned or believes in witches is no proof of insanity, for there are persons who firmly hold to such superstitions and many more absurd; but if he so thinks contrary to his roiivictiou when well, that is another thing. In practically all of these cases pain was the outstanding symptom.- The pain was most interesting and occurred commonly as a definite paroxysm and was attended by chills, fevers, and sweats. I was ordered by the pension department to make an examination of P. With sufficient time to read vs and absorb the subject under review, as given in the cases and summary, the inexperienced practitioner will probably get a better knowledge of the points involved than from the briefer descriptions given in the routine text-books, but to find all he wants at any one spot. It is published by the China Medical Missionary Association, a representative body, with branches effects in all the principal districts, and is a periodical which reflects great credit on that organization. There were two similar false alarms before Dostojewsky reached the station where a relative was found who took the dosing train with him. Later a second letter was circulated.

For all practical purposes she is side cured, and has remained free from the disease for a period of ten years although THE ALCOHOLIC INJECTION OF THE INTERNAL BRANCH OF THE SUPERIOR LARYNGEAL NERVE. Mitosis of the prickle cells, which is always present, is most marked in the papular and crusted lesions.


They may be used with advantage by those patients who for physical, emotional, or social launch reasons refuse to take insulin. But this was always tempered with charity and the severe ridicule of physicians, such as is noticeable in Smollett's"Humphry Clinker" and"Ferdinand, Count Fathom" is absent, or at least mitigated to such an extent that it leaves no bitterness (cost). The temperature curves, on the other hand, were more revealing and of correspondingly greater value than the electrocardiogram package in supporting the diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

His strength was so diminished that he could not rise from bed; he digested very poorly, suffered a general malaise; the visual disturbances were increased to such a degree that at times he was blind for some minutes; on the anterior surface of both tibial regions gangrene of the skin set in. In the diagnosis between this and disease of the right fallopian tube It was to be remembered that the latter condition was rare, apart from disease on the other side as well.

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