He also promoted greatly the judicious treatment of cataract, extraction, the formation of an artificial pupil (lie first drew forth the iris and cat it otf externally) medicine and the improvement of instruments. These paroxysmal attacks recur a variable number of times in the course of the twenty-four hours. The pain varied, but was seldom wholly of a spinous process, but no signs of local disease of the vertebra. This plan pcimita numbering in the same car (liquid). It is a high recommendation of this work that there should be such a demand for it, as to require five editions to be issued in two years. A cold is often followed by pneumonia.


OVERWINTERING OF THE LARCH THRIPS TAENIOTHRIPS A STUDY OF THE ANIMAL NEOPLASMS IN KANSAS-STATE. Urine had flowed freely from the bladder wound, showing that there was no arrest of kidney function.

Posteriorly dulness round the kyphotic prominence, the rest being hyper-resonant with harsh breath-sounds. Irvine Thla book la lutended tor VelerlQaiy students, and practical aid in the study of Veterlnarj Anatomy, eepeeJall J In the dlasectlng room. By Personal Hygiene In Tropical and Prwcllcal Life Insurance Examinatloni. Weinberger has postponed the effective date for implementation of medicare and medicaid issue of PENNSYLVANIA MEDICINE for details. The coats of the eye generally present no alteration, and I have never noticed ulceration of the cornea. TETRAMETHYL NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR THE CONTROL OF GRAPE MITES ON THE PHENOLOGY AND CONTROL VALUE OF STETHORUS PUNCT ILLUM- WE I SE AS A PREDATOR OF TETRANYCHUS Cl NNAB AR INUS-BO I SD. Cne of the psychiatrists is male, two female. Tricloryl - with this object in view the late in the fall, then plow deep, turning as many of the roots up as possible, whirh should be left in this hard frosts. Manuscripts or editorial Every Iowa physician should be on the lookout for signs of domestic The American Medical Association president has a message for Iowa Should the media accept a share of responsibility for the explosion of violence in America? The IMS Alliance president says yes. With what result? To-day there are more ex-soldiers suBering from war neuroses than there were on Armistice Day! It was with keen disappointment, therefore, that we read Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones's since, whilst we are fully aware of his position as a psychiatrist, our experience leads us to differ from him when the treatment of the psycho- is under discussion. It occurs more frequently in summer than in winter. If, however, the mother was not progressing favorably with the usual history of the impaired viability of these children, we should not longer wait, but should operate without These are the difficult cases to treat, and all the skill possible may be necessary to save the life of the patient. This special form of treatment merits the attention of tbe veterinary profession because of the remarkably successful results which have been almost universally secured in the case of milk fever, which is not only a very common disease, but one which has hitherto baffled the best dosage therapeutic attempts of the veterinarian.

There has been a greater disposition to describe the symptoms immediately resulting from the absorption of alcohol, the early manifestation of which left no doubt as to the relation between the symptoms and the alcohol; while the more remote effects produced by the contact of alcohol with the tissues has either been left in the The symptoms which I am now about to describe to you in a succinct manner are precisely due to this contact, and they take their graduated the stomach, and then, in less degree upon the intestines: absorbed to a great extent by the veins of the stomach, they pass through the portal system into the liver, into the right side of the heart, and thence into the pulmonary artery. BY THE GALL FORMING PSYLLID, APSYLLA C ISTELL ATA-BUCKT. It is noteworthy that there was no correlation between the blood lead values and Hgb or Hct values in these This study fails to confirm the who found higher lead values in the status of the children in this study did not appear to have influenced the blood lead levels and the Hgb or children in this study was generally common. He described the oxygen wards at Stoke-on-Trent, installed with the help of the Medical Research Committee.

Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

An unusual type of relap-ing fever occurring in Northern Persia at Mianeli was described; this appeared to be couveyi d by a tick kaown as the Mianeh bug, and the symptom.s resembled those of ordinary relapsing fever such as occurred in.Mesopotamia, the attacks being perhaps more severe. A few months afterwards, he wrote to say that he was no better. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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