The outer coat of the artery seemed incorporated with the surrounding parts: vegetarian. We are sure that if these same cases could be made good operative risks, it would frequently be advisable to perform a gastrotomy or enterostomy and secure the bleeding point and then treat the condition found without regard fo the occurrence of hemorrhage. Normal urine may invade the abdominal cavity without causing infection, but if microorganisms are present peritonitis is sure to ensue with great rapidity.

He readily recognized, however, bounty that the patient had symptoms of angina pectoris, and stated this to his friends. Three of the patients died of perforation, against which the treatment seemed of little avail. Continues to complain of fixed pain in the hypogastrium, nature's and of general uneasiness in the abdomen from flatulence. This P' becomes P also, and the expected P-wave falls in the ventricular cycle, thus becoming what has been called an accessory atrial contraction. On the second day after operation her intellect began to clear, from which time she made an uninterrupted recovery, regaining perfect health and hearing. Donaldson, at Your Reference Committee on Reports of Officers and Committees desires to submit a Committee on Public Policy and Legislation. In hunger, from one fourth to one third of the absorbed oxygen is available for combination with hydrogen to form water, the remainder uniting with carbon to form carbonic acid (Regnault and Reiset). On the whole, however, it would appear that the consensus of opinion indicates that oxygen administration is decidedly beneficial in the circumstances under discussion. These cases were considered at the meeting held this day. Immediately on the bone being removed, the dura mater of a dark colour nature rose into the opening nearly as high as the external surface of the cranium.


As much as l'-j pints of frothy fluid may be expectorated in course of five or six hours. The distention of the bladder, therefore, goes on, formula and with it, distention of the ureters, infundibula, and pelves of the kidneys.

Raised maps, models, natural history, and other specimens are all of value. Today there is no skin eruption, but the left epitrochlear gland is palpable, as are also several axillary glands, which are enlarged on both sides. To localize the cases from point of space they should be plotted upon a map of the district according to their place of illness at the time of onset. Moreover, fat, which is an excellent fuel, has no such action. The films which have been dried in the air may be fixed by Ehrlich's method, the stain used. No other exciting cause was known. The drainage tube in the pelvis of the kidney was removed on the third day, and the other tube two days later.

It must be my endeavour to avoid this common error; but that I consider the subject of syphilis as one of peculiar interest, demanding a greater share of attention than is usually bestowed upon it in the course of a surgical education, is sufficiently evident by my venturing once more before the public in the character The veteran practitioner, fully aware of the extent and difficulty of the undertaking, may, perhaps, rather be disposed to censure the temerity, than applaud the courage, of one who, fully sensible of the difficulties that surround the subject, has voluntarily imposed upon himself so arduous a task; whilst the tyro in surgery, who has, perhaps, imbibed the notion that the cure of syphilis is comprised in one simple precept (the administration of mercury,) may be disposed to think that I am engaged in a most unnecessary and uncalled for pursuit: green. McPhedran found that the hemolytic power of organ extracts of cases of pernicious anemia fell entirely within normal limits, and gave no evidence of the presence of hemolytic toxins supposed to be the causative factor of the disease.

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