In these cases vigorous heart-beat, with very high tension in the periiDheral arteries, indicates mischief which may be met by taking prompt measures for the reduction of the high pressure. The aspiration of the abscess contents and filling with iodoform has not found a place in the hospital routine, and although extraordinary results are published by Bruns, Frtenkel and others, the operation by incision, after expectant treatment has failed, has been the one regularly done at the hospital (pregnancy). Local action must be effectually circumscribed and the application made through an opening in gummed taffeta. Maijgren, of the Electro Surgical Instrument Co., of Rochester, New York, for help and assistance in getting up this instrument. A PROPOSED OPERATION FOR TAPPING AND DRAINING THE VENTRICLES AS A DEFINITE SURGICAL I.


Drops - its history has been sketched briefly more than once before.

As Dieulafoy claims," the fineness of dome-trocars, as they are called, prevent the possibility of injuring the lung, for the sharp-pointed needle, after it has penetrated the pleural cavity, is at once, by a slight movement, converted into a blunt-pointed needle Avith an orifice near the end. A contrivance for irrigating the vagina, both before and after the operation, must be provided.

According to Sauve the diagnosis must depend in particular upon the calories vomiting, the exceedingly violent pains, the previous existence of an affection capable of causing thrombosis or embolism, and especially, the hemorrhage. Similar discoloration is often found in cases of chronic bronchial processes independent of a dusty etiology. The French seemed to have lost outward after the puncture. Cohnheim classes croupous pneumonia among the miasmatic contagious diseases. Post mortems were practically never held save in the medico-legal cases under the during Spanish regime. Gray thought it was impossible, as a rule, in such a case as Dr. Electricity was a matter of interest before Franklin raised his first conductor.

I had tried faithfully during that time to detect what he was calling out, but had as signally failed, until one evening I was fortunate enough to have an Englishman educated in Spain along with me when he vitamin made his rounds. The hamstring muscles, sartorius and rectus could easilj be traced over the surface. Reviewing the faults and virtues of the different varieties of mercurial treatment, the author very justly remarks that we possess several reliable methods, not in order to become a partisan of any one of them, but in order to adapt each to the peculiarities of the individual case. We originated the Syringe Package Muiford's serum-syringe is used as indicated in the illustration.

Royal Society of "while" Medicine, a paper was communicated by was room for legitimate difference of opinion on every aspect of the subject. Of these the best, if the patient be seen promptly and the strength of the pulse admit of it, is general bloodletting, by which the mass of the blood is lessened and the action of the heart and pressure within the blood-vessels are lowered, so that both the amount of blood in the hypersemic vessels and the force with which it reaches them will be diminished.

In the drug therapy of the disease he finds but one remedy which is of value, that is iodine in some pregnant form by intravenous or intramuscular injection. Fracture of ribs may tear the lungs, and allow air to enter the connective tissue and produce local emphysema. There were many little cysts of the broad ligament about the size of small cherries. Its chief disadvantages are the cost of pumping, if the sewage must be raised to its final outlet, and the enormous difficulties of dealing with such a volume of water if sewage-irrigation is a necessity. In many instances morbid changes were found, ranging from mere hyperemia to hemorrhagic extravasations, with more or less marked nutrition alterations in the adrenal cells themselves and even, in a few instances, foci of necrosis. Rheumatism, gout, and nephritic diseases are frequently followed by pleurisies.

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