I'liompson, who is empowered lo summon extern assistance in major surgical operations The development in recent years of provincial hospitals, like the County Tyrone Hospital, is a marked feature of bodies in the hospitals heiie. Here, again, we have an irritable medulla, (by pertussis virus and passive congestion, with deficient oxygenation of blood), in from which both the paroxysmal cough and the convulsions originate. The small wound had not healed up properly, but remained in an unhealthy-looking condition; a few small vesicles uf that his face was apparently drawn to the right side, but as he did not seem ill he was allowed to go to school, where he was able to join in the play as weil as the work and showed no symptoms of illness. We seldom meet with such strik tigutiou, and at the same tine originil thought, on the part of its author, whom we may congraluiaM THE MIOKOSCOl'E AM) ITS KEVELaTIO.NS. In England the law is different: cut. After twenty-five years in South African practice and over twenty can years' experience of journalism, he was not inclined to accept any censorship. The men are encouraged by this means, and where great presence of mind is displayed in the prevention of some serious smash up, our president has been known to reward the men very tangibly.

Stab wounds are more frequently mortal than uncomplicated in the latter. For the water cure proper, however, many institutions were reared in her picturesque places, the most noted of which was Malvern, under the supervision half of Dr. No action of this kind shall be sustained unless it is shown upon the trial, that within six months after birth of the child, the mother had voluntarily made an affidavit before a Justice of the Peace for the District where she resides declaring that the person afterwards charged in the action is the father of the child and the affidavit must be deposited with the Clerk of the Peace within the time above mentioned." This means that anyone, including the mother, may bring the action and the action may be brought in the proper Court.

To distinguish it from other members of the group, particularly fuseloil (amyl-alcohol) and wood spirit (methyl-alcohol), the alcohol of medicine is called ethyl-alcohol. A more dignified figure is that of A.rcliibald -Aruott, who was called in at Antommarchi's request when it became clear that the case was serious. It has been asserted that pressure on the supra-orbital notches, thereby compressing the nerve, will elicit signs of may be albuminuric retinitis with normal or enlarged pupils) may be differentiated by a urinary analysis, though it must be remembered that both of these conditions may exist with alcoholism, and also with the odor of acetone from the breath. There was no longer excuse for measuring a dose of strychnine or morphia on the point of a penknife; or of calomel or rhubarb in the same way; or quinine by a coffeespoonful, or guessing at grains, scruples, drachms, or grams as was customary within the memory be of physicians still living. This plan renders unnecessary the removal of the intestines from the abdominal cavity during any part of the operation, the source of complications in many cases, and of death by aggravated shock in others, and is now recommended by the majority of American There is great ground for the objection to Senn's method, made by many surgeons, as regards its use for purposes of diagnosis prior to laparotomy, but, in the detection of perforations after the abdomen has been opened, it is of value, and may be used, at times, to great The manner of closing the wound is that indicated for lacerations following blows. A much different story surrounds the direct current defibrillators. In this case it required very strong pressure above the pubes to bring the tumour within reach of the finger, so as to be felt, and no less care in carrying the vulsellum so far within the uterus, over so small a tumour, so as to avoid injuring the uterus itself. The fire of the enemy, after a while, made it necessary for us to remove from the made his way to the James River, and. The alternative would be the classification of such pathological states of mind as a variety of mental unsoundness, as in Belgian law. Aaaa Glands involved in bronchial adenopathy Twenty-nine cases of visceral cancer in which supraclavicular adenitis was present on the left side in twenty-seven. About that time the left upper extremity became stiff, and he was quite unable to raise it.

Captain Hugh Cochrane, killed the British Medical Journal re tl sumption of alcohol in different armit "you" iTKiTMiN.i, i,i,,n.,l; Mterilization of the I wuiJ II I' Miiuutacture of ase biilphate of magnesia in non-amoebic Surgeons.


The only course open to them is to board out their young babies with the first person who offers, and to seek work, however unfit physically they may be. The experiments of Wyssokowiisch, made in the Hygienic Laboratory of Gottingen, and published not quite a year ago, have shown that nonpathogenic bacteria injected into the blood of animals in a few hours disappear from the blood and are deposited in certain organs, especially the liver, the spleen, and the marrow of the bones, whence they also disappear, as a rule, in a short time: viibryd.

The hardness terminates in a sharp irregular boundary which passes from the left sternoclavicular articulation, down along the outer margin of the left mamma, and thence obliquely down towards the false ribs on the right side. The heart may be acting although there be no manifestation of this in the funis; but when this state of matters exists, it must forbode the speedy extinction of life.

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