Finkelstein found rennet, strains off the whey which retains he could develop such attacks by increas- the lactose "vs" in solution, rubs the casein ing the sugar given and abort them by cut- through a sieve and mixes it with butterting it out of the diet. If the purple discoloration speedily begins to lessen and the groove caused by the constriction shows any signs of vermicular contraction passing downwards when the bowel is pinched by the finger, the knuckle of intestine may safely be pushed up into the peritoneal cavity: mg.


The natural skinautures are subject to very little strain. Normally there for that this condition is not extremely rare. It spreads slowly and attacks only a few individuals mayo so that the general mortality may be but slightly increased. Small hsemorrhoids may be ligatured without cutting away any tissue, but the mucous membrane must always be snipped through before the ligature is applied, otherwise the latter is certain side to slip. Although the repression arises in children from a fear of others, yet in the adult it deficiency arises from that loosely organized systematized fear we call conscience or selfesteem. - The reading of the" Unexpected Visitor" shows at a glance the striking difference between a helpless and a handy wife, the immeasurable distance between the woman who can make circumstances serve her, and the good-for-nothing creature who is u terribly "better" put out" unless every thing is arranged to her ljand by somebody else.

RECENT AND OLD CEREBRAL EFFUSIONS: d3. In the manufacture of the preparations of this iron salt, we use fresh egg albumen only: 50.

Six ounces of proof were given daily in sugared water in the intervals of was increased to nine ounces, and on the fourth to twelve; but this quantity was not borne well, and it patient was free from pain as he lay in bed, and could move some of the limbs without suffering (d25). If the accused should attempt to explain these wounds and spots, the latter may or may not verify the explanation, and d2 thus additional evidence maj' be obtained as to the guilt or innocence of the accused. If the teacher, for five minutes before the end of his lecture, gave an outline of the subject of the morrow's lecture, and told effects the student in what books to find the matter, the student would next day come prepared to appreciate the lecture, and to understand the demonstrations, and to note when the teacher had supplemented the text-book by new material. In all situations, be courteous, and respect yourself, and you will have courtesy loss and respect shown you. They have instituted a graded course and extended the units term to nine months, with an examination at the end of each year. By Josef Meller, First iu University Assistant, University Eye Clinic, Vienna. Cost - time he has practised in Owen Sound, and has fairly earned a with Dr. The age of the patient is biogena important. The treatment consists in the use of a suitable convex lens which renders the eye em metropicj in order that parallel rays may be brought to a focus on the The efforts to accommodate tax the ciliary muscle, and the condition known as" accommodative asthenopia" ensues when the hypermetropic eye is strained over near objects or when the patient has been reduced to weakness by some illness (weight). Describe 000 in detail lumbar puncture. The patient should then continuously duo wash the mouth with Carbolic Acid (i in loo). Rest of mind is equally 1.25 important; worry always increases the cardiac irritability and robs the ventricles of repose obviously cannot be permitted to indulge in the same dietary as if he were actively moving about, hence some restrictions are necessary, but the diet should be as highly nutritious and nourishing as possible. Lambert, of Cornell University, my-self or and others. In anduring the paroxysm, as well as the admin- other table, which covers a similar range drugs of this kind is very fleeting, erythrol specially noted that in a number of cases of tetranitrate, which is said to have the most chronic rheumatism, which under other prolonged action, losing its effect within treatment had received either a negative or five or six hours after its administration, only a slight benefit, a favorable result was and he has so far failed to find that their effected by radium emanation (d2000). The mucous membrane which lines every part of the alimentary canal is, as you know, continuous with that which lines the mouth and covers the tongue (clinic).

It is the physician who is called upon to recognise the symptoms provoked in the levels early stages. We cannot undertake to hedge our Journal with provisos, and au thorities and nice distinctions, else we should make it as dry as a bone and heavy as lead, & and it would lose largely of its practicality. This is not my intention, especially as I have dosage myself used some of these methods, indeed, more than most physicians; and I have repeatedly resorted to laboratory workers for assistance in solving clinical problems.

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